What To Expect Maintaining A Salt Pool

Today were going to be going over the basics of salt water pools:

- What to look after

- How to maintain a salt pool

- And most importantly what to expect

So at this point, you might already have a salt pool or you’re just about to switch over. So what are you looking after?

Having a salt pool is different than a chlorine pool because it eliminates the need for chlorine, algaecide and shock.  Most of you already know that these are the biggest pool expenses and provide the biggest headaches in owning a pool.  So the only thing you are left to look after is your basics.  This is your PH, Alkalinity ect.  But keep in mind these other levels change very SLOWLY, they don’t cost much at all to adjust and making sure they are within the parameters guarantees a clean and sanitized pool.


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In addition, you’ll keep an eye on your pool’s salt level.   Now the salt that you put in the pool initially will never gets used up.  It won’t evaporate and will only need to be replenished anytime the water is removed.  So for example if you have a big storm come in and you get some heavy rains, this would be a good time to check your salt level and add the appropriate amount if necessary.  The good news is, the system is continuously monitoring this level and will let you know if you need to do something about it.  And just to give you an idea, most average pools require about $20 a year on salt.  So again, more savings!!

Moving on to Maintenance…

Maintenance is just making sure the cell stay clean.  If the water chemistry is good, it will only require one to two cleanings a season.  And to do this, your just letting it soak in a premixed solution for about 15 minutes.  Ok, So this is a very simple and quick process.

So what can you expect after you switch over to a salt pool?

Well remember the main reason salt pools are the preferred choice is because is it cuts major chemical and maintenance.  Adding a salt system will eliminate the common irritants found in tablets, making the water more enjoyable to swim in with no harmful effects that come with a regular chlorine pool. So, no more itchy skin and no more red eyes.  Most people won’t even be able to taste the salt in the pool. 


If you’re ready to take the plunge, call us.  We’ll take care of you and answer any questions you might have.

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