Is a Saltwater Pool Easier To Maintain?
How Does Salt Pool Maintenance Differ? Short answer? Yes, it is easier to maintain a saltwater pool. This guide will clearly demonstrate why. The range of stories told about saltwater pools by pool owners and people Read more
The Top-3 Mistakes Salt Pool Owners Make According To The Experts
Maintaining a saltwater pool is typically very straightforward and convenient... unless you make own of these mistakes. Linked is a great article based on lots of expert experience. Read more
Taking your pool water to the next level
People with salt pools say they can never go back to a traditional chlorine pool. But did you know you that it can get even better? Here's how to take your water quality to the next level... Read more
The Essential Salt Water Pool Maintenance Guide For Beginners
The four pillars of pool maintenance and what to expect with a saltwater pool. This guide goes over the essentials to make upkeep easy. Read more
Adding Salt to your Swimming Pool

So, you are converting your pool to salt and have purchased a saltwater chlorine generator. You know you have to add salt, but what kind should you get? How much salt should you add? This guide will tell you what you need to know, as well as some tips and tricks to help along the way.

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The Basics of What To Expect After Converting To A Salt Pool
We'll go over the basics of saltwater pools: what to look after, how to maintain a salt pool, and what to expect... Read more
How to Close Your Pool in 7 Easy Steps

The colder months are upon those of us who live in climates where pools are closed in Fall or Winter, so if you haven’t closed your pool yet here’s a quick “how to” get it done that will help you keep your pool and equipment in good shape. If you live where it just gets a little cool, remember: even if there are no swimmers, if the pool stays filled with water it's good practice to keep the water circulating as normal, and to keep the water chemistry balanced.

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Putting An End to pH Hassles, For Good!
Maintaining a proper level of PH in your pool is a real issue and a very common problem. There are modern solutions to keep the pool balanced automatically. Read more
Saltwater Pool Chemistry (What is different?)

A common questions we get is how do you maintain a salt water pool? Or, what is the ideal water chemistry for saltwater pools? We'll talk about the most important things to know about salt pool maintenance and the top ten most important chemistry levels for pools with saltwater chlorine generators .

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