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CircuPool SJ-20 Salt Chlorine Generator
CircuPool SJ20 Saltwater Chlorinator System

CircuPool SJ-20 Salt Chlorine Generator

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CircuPool SJ-20, Complete Salt Pool System with 3-Year Limited Warranty, for up to 20,000 gallon pools
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Power: 0.8 lbs/day
3 Year Limited Warranty
10000 Hours Rated Lifespan
20000 Gallons Max Capacity
Does not require acid to clean the cell!
3000 - 4000 ppm

The CircuPool SJ-20 saltwater chlorine generator provides simple worry-free operation and industry-leading value. Circupool SJ-20 units work with existing pump and filtration systems to reliably supply swimming pools with pure chlorine every day. The CircuPool SJ-20 works at a low salt level and creates a silky soft feeling in pool water to provide the ultimate swimming experience. Max capacity: 20,000 gallons.

Available DIY Adapter Kit for Hayward or Pentair models allows for a simple and quick conversion from Aqua Rite or IntelliChlor models.

The complete 2nd-Generation CircuPool SJ-20 salt chlorine generator system has three main components: the Control Module, the Electrolytic Cell, and the Flow Switch, along with its miscellaneous hardware, cleaning tool, and documentation.


  • USA Titanium Cell, with a leading 3-Year Limited Warranty.

  • Simple, reliable, and proven. Monitors performance and system status, while operating on the widest salinity range available.

  • Incredibly easy maintenance! No acid is necessary for cleaning the cell.

  • CircuPool products are backed by USA-Based Expert Support & USA-Based Factory Warranty


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Q: what is the difference between SJ & the RJ systems?

Asked by: Bill - 3/6/2017
A: Great question. Beside the main differences in power and lifespan, here are a few of the things that set them apart once they are in your hands:

The SJ models are very simple, easy-to-use systems. They have status lights that verify the unit is working, tell you at what power level it is set, and whether you need to clean the cell or add salt to the pool. Because it is simple there is less to think about, it is particularly low maintenance (no acid is required to clean the cell), and it is also less expensive.

The RJ and RJ+ models are the flagship systems. They are more powerful and longer lasting. They have a digital screen and touch keypad, giving you more control and diagnostics. It displays the salinity level in real time, calculates the running average, displays the water temperature, and displays the electronic performance levels of the cell so you can see exactly how things are working. The power levels on the RJ models can be turned up and down in smaller increments. RJ models also synchronize more easily with variable-speed pumps if you plan to upgrade.

So the SJ gives you simplicity and a huge value, and the RJ gives you top of the line performance and control.
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Answer provided by: Nathan (3/8/2017)

Q: my pool is 12 x 24 with 5 foot depth what size do i need ?

Asked by: chuck - 4/20/2017
A: If your pool is rectangular, those dimensions would make it approximately 10,800 gallons. You always want to oversize so that your equipment does not have to run at full capacity just to keep up. The best practical recommendation is to buy the largest system within your budget, so you will get the longest life out of it as possible and be able to turn it up to a higher level should you need to hand any potential problems in the pool
Was this answer helpful?  13 of 26 Customer(s) found this Answer helpful.
Answer provided by: Charles (4/21/2017)

Q: How much salt do you need to use to start the salt system?

Asked by: Gary Dulin - 3/25/2018
A: You'll start off by adding roughly 30 lbs of salt per 1000 gallons.
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Answer provided by: Matt (3/26/2018)

Q: I have an above ground pool and my pump uses 110v power, will this work for me?

Asked by: Linda - 3/27/2017
A: Yes, this system can work with either 220v or 110v power. It is set at the factory to accept 220v, which is most common for pools. However, it is made so you can easily change it to accept 110v by following the printed directions. Unlike a motor, it won't work any better or worse on either voltage, you only want to match what your pump uses so they can work on the same circuit together.
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Answer provided by: Tom (3/27/2017)

Q: will this salt cell replace a Clearwater LM2 with no pvc changes ?

Asked by: bruce - 9/11/2017
A: While the cell shape is very similar, it is not a perfectly exact match to Zodiac cells. It is usually pretty straightforward process to make the upgrade, and we are also here for support to try and make things as easy as possible. There is often little to no wait when you call: 866-766-5243 (option 2 for support).
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Answer provided by: Discount Salt Pool (9/11/2017)

Q: I have a small (6000 gallon) fiberglass pool, located in Florida. Is there such a thing as too much when it comes to the size of the chlorinator? For example, will I hurt anything if I choose a SJ-20 versus a SJ-15?

Asked by: CM - 3/13/2018
A: Over-sizing is actually usually recommended. You can turn the system up and down on its controls (and by adjusting how long it runs) so you don't over-chlorinate or under-chlorinate your pool. A larger system just means the equipment last longer because it works less hard every day, plus you'll have more sanitation power should you need it after a storm or pool party, for example.
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Answer provided by: Chris (3/13/2018)

Q: What size is the pipe, and how and where does the module attach to give the readings?

Asked by: rocky - 3/30/2017
A: The cell is designed to accept standard 2" PVC pipe. It works equally well on pools with 1.5" plumbing, simply use two reducer bushings from your local hardware store. The cell has a cord (see pictures) that plugs in to the bottom of the Control Module. You'll hang the Control Module nearby with your other pool equipment on a wall, post, fence, etc...
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Answer provided by: David (3/30/2017)

Q: I have a waterway pump system will this work with it?

Asked by: Alison - 9/17/2017
A: Waterway makes a range of pumps, but as is the case with most other salt chlorinators it is made to work with the existing pump & filter system. If you happen to have an above-ground Waterway pump which uses hoses for plumbing, the best tip for you might be to just get some standard plumbing unions from the hardware store that will let you to connect your hoses to the inlet/outlet ports of the salt chlorinator (which are meant to have PVC pipe glued into them), and you would also want to make sure you secure the cell so it is oriented horizontally when you plumb it in.
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Answer provided by: Paul (9/18/2017)

Q: Will this work for a 40000 gallon in ground pool?

Asked by: Marla Glass - 3/31/2018
A: That's a big pool, so at 40,000 gallons, you would want to get the SJ55, or even the RJ60 model. You always want a system that has plenty of extra power, so you can run your equipment less normally, and so you will be able to have extra cleaning power when you need it during pool problems.

Here's some good info about system sizing:
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Answer provided by: Howard (3/31/2018)

Q: I have a zodiac lm3. 10 years old. No flow can be seen thru filter. Will this one work as a replacement and is that what I need to do? Thanks Mitch

Asked by: Mitch - 6/2/2018
A: Mitch, give us a call (866-766-5243) so we can help you with the details, but the CircuPool SJ models are a popular choice when replacing older Zodiac models. the SJ15 may be a good size if you have a LM3-15 size system, but remember bigger is always better. We'll help you make sure it is sized right.
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Answer provided by: Discount Salt Pool (6/2/2018)