The 5 Must-Have Upgrades For Your Swimming Pool System

Pools are luxurious amenities. But there are a few simple upgrades to take your pool to the next level. 

These pool system upgrades either lower the cost of ownership, reduce maintenance, expand its functionality, or improve the overall experience. To get you started, we’ve put together a list of the five best upgrades around! We based it on positive customer feedback and our personal experience as pool owners.

No. 1: A Salt Chlorine Generator

Naturally, a salt chlorine generator is at the top of the list. Installing and using a salt chlorine generator is what people mean when they talk about a salt pool system.

No other single item can help you eliminate the need for buying chlorine. This system makes it easy to keep your pool crystal clear and comfortable without the hassle. Plus, a salt chlorine generator provides more natural water quality. How does it accomplish this task?

Salt chlorine generators offer a lot to pretty much any pool owner. They work for all types of pools, including above-ground and traditional in-ground pools, and there’s a vast range of options.

Every swimmer wants the most comfortable and enjoyable pool experience possible. Well, salt chlorine generators make it possible to achieve that without ever handling chlorine chemicals. While this system is slightly more expensive than other swimming pool system upgrades on our list, it wins hands-down in terms of outright value and overall improvements.

It’s well worth the money. You’ll no longer have to transport, store, handle, measure, dose, or add chlorine tabs and shock. Plus, the pool water just feels better. There’s less chemical irritation, and it doesn’t have that strong ‘pool smell.’ You can just glide through water that feels softer to the touch. That’s why salt chlorine generators are an easy top pick.

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No. 2: Electronic Water Tester

A digital water chemistry tester is a must-have because it is convenient compared to the alternatives, and also because being able to frequently test your water chemistry is critically important!

The SafeDip is an easy-to-use electronic water tester that helps you keep track of vital water balance levels.

This product tests the pool’s chemistry levels without the hassle of a complicated traditional chemical test kit or requiring you to make frequent trips for in-store water testing. The SafeDip 6-in1 is fast, accurate, and easy to read and use whenever you need to test your pool’s water. It’s also nice that you don’t have to keep buying any chemical reagents to use it.

Thanks to the quality of this particular digital tester, it’s also more accurate and precise than your average test strips. Plus, the retail price is around the same price as a full chemical test kit in the first place. This pool system upgrade allows you to get the easy digital function without buying or handling chemical reagents!

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No. 3: TJ-16 Typhoon Pre-Filter

Over the last few years, the popularity of prefilters has exploded. A cyclonic pre-Filter is one of the most innovative advancements in pool equipment in many years.

Don’t worry if you’re not quite sure what that is. We’ll help explain it. Cyclonic pre-filters reduce the amount of maintenance and hands-on cleaning you have to do for your main filter. That means less backwashing, fewer cleaning cartridges or grids, and so on.

The TJ-16 Typhoon Cyclonic Pre-Filter captures almost all of the dirt out of your pool. The best part? It does it all without moving components or filter media, so there’s nothing to break down or replace. It cleans out in just a few moments with fewer than four gallons of water. That can save some filter owners thousands of gallons of water in backwashing.

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No. 4: Robotic Pool Cleaners

Robotic pool cleaners all but eliminate the manual effort to keep the pool walls and floor swept and scrubbed.

Most importantly, this pool system upgrade doesn’t require installation, extra plumping, or any other pump equipment. Simply plug it in and place it in the pool.

With their smart technology, these high-tech cleaners calculate the shape of your pool, scrubbing every inch rather than bouncing around. Depending on the specific model’s features, these robotic cleaners vastly range in price. However, there are makes and models that are right for just about any budget.

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No. 5: Variable-Speed Pump

Variable-speed pumps are ideal for those who hope to lower their energy bill or hate how noisy their pool equipment can be.

Those who upgrade to a variable-speed pump will enjoy a more peaceful pool experience, as these systems are extremely quiet. Plus, they use 90% less energy by utilizing programmable motors that are more advanced than single-speed pumps. By comparison, a traditional single-speed pool pump can use as much energy per month as your home’s cooling system.

There’s one more notable benefit of variable-speed pumps; they help improve your pool’s circulation. This factor is a big deal because better circulation enhances the pool’s ability to filter water. 

You can adjust the operation of their variable-speed pump to match the need of your own pool. So when you get better water circulation while using less energy, that’s a win-win!
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Try These 5 Swimming Pool System Upgrades For Yourself

Are you ready to enjoy your pool more than ever? If so, explore how you can implement these pool system upgrades yourself. And if you have any questions, contact us for help or additional information.

At Discount Salt Pool, we’re dedicated to keeping our members and customers updated on the latest in saltwater pool news and tech. We’re passionate about pools. That’s why we want to pass on that knowledge to our customers so they can get the most out of their saltwater pool.

Do you want to learn more about saltwater systems, or are you looking for a specific product? If so, check out our latest articles on pool tips, tricks, product reviews, and more!

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