CircuPool Universal25 Salt Chlorine Generator
CircuPool Universal40 Saltwater Chlorinator System

CircuPool Universal25 Salt Chlorine Generator

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CircuPool UL25 Complete Salt Pool System with 4-Year Limited Warranty, for up to 25,000 gallon pools

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Power: 1.25 lbs/day
4 Year Limited Warranty*
10000 Hours Rated Lifespan
25000 Gallons Max Capacity

The CircuPool Universal Series offers the best in convenience and durability for backyard saltwater pools. Serving as an easy replacement for Hayward AquaRite models up to 25,000 gallons, the Universal25 is a guaranteed compatible upgrade.

With higher power and a longer lifespan than most popular brands, this fully automated system features digital controls and constantly monitors the salinity level and temperature of the pool which makes operation incredibly simple!

Sporting long lasting USA Titanium electrodes and backed by award-winning service and warranty, it's one of the best values of almost any salt system in the price range. The Universal25 is an outstanding choice for anyone looking to upgrade or just dive into a great new salt chlorinator.

The Universal25 will replace Hayward Aqua Rite-style systems with no cutting or gluing, making it a snap to upgrade your salt pool system!


  • 4-year prorated warranty on every single component.
  • Includes plumbing unions for all sizes.
  • Dual voltage option: 110/220v.

Compatible System Replacement for: Hayward Goldline Aqua Rite, SwimPure Plus, Mineral Springs, NatureSoft, AquaPlus, LeverEdge Guardian, Blue Essence, H40 systems and more.

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