Vector Jet
Vector Jet

Vector Jet

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Replacement / additional Vector Jet
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Allows greater circulation control and more even chlorine distribution.
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Q: Is this better than a regular eyeball water return? If so, why?

Asked by: Mark - 8/2/2017
A: You use this jet for a different reason than an eyeball jet. When used with a saltwater chlorinator, you would replace a standard eyeball jet in the deeper portion of the pool. This directs the water flow coming from the salt chlorinator (with the highest concentration of sanitizer) 90 degrees straight down to the bottom of the pool, which is often the most stagnant portion of the pool where algae can begin growing. Creating full circulation in a pool always depends on the unique shape of the pool, and can be achieved using multiple types of jets. This can help a salt system provide more thorough sanitization.
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Answer provided by: Anne (8/2/2017)