TWO-STAGE FILTER SYSTEM (TJ-16 Pre-Filter + Cartridge Filter)
TWO-STAGE FILTER SYSTEM (TJ-16 Pre-Filter + Cartridge Filter)

TWO-STAGE FILTER SYSTEM (TJ-16 Pre-Filter + Cartridge Filter)

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30000 Gallons Max Capacity
2/1 Year Limited Warranty

This filter package offers simplicity and savings! Don't need the cartridge filter? Check out the TJ-16 Typhoon on its own.

STAGE-ONE: The Typhoon pre-filter from CircuPool is the ultimate time-saver. Using your existing pump and filter, the Typhoon turns your ordinary equipment into a sophisticated two-stage filtration system that delivers sparkling clear pool water and all but eliminates filter cleanings. With no moving parts to wear out and no electrical components, the Typhoon literally spins the dust and dirt out of your pool water. Installation is an easy, ten minute do-it-yourself project for most homeowners. The Typhoon mounts on top of your pump so it fits right in to any equipment pad and, the threaded couplings ensure free-flow operation on all pools. Certified salt-pool safe: Compatible with all types of pumps and filters.

STAGE-TWO: The Cartridge Filter catches any dirt or debris that makes it past the pre-filter. Since this is so much less, your filter maintenance becomes are rare event and you've effectively boosted your filtration capacity! Best of all, sparkling, crystal-clear water is virtually guaranteed.

Sizing Recommendations

Filter Option 1:
Up to 30,000 gallons max: 150 sq ft Cartridge Filter + Pre-Filter

Filter Option 1:
Up to 54,000 gallons max: 270 sq ft Cartridge Filter + Pre-Filter

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Q: Has any one ever hooked two of the to-16s up in series. I love the concept with no filter media and easy clean, so would the second one catch the 20% the first one let go by, or would it serve no purpose and be a waste of money?

Asked by: Gus pappas - 1/9/2020
A: Great question. As far as using two "in series", most likely you’re going to get diminishing returns – the second may catch more debris that the first didn’t, but most of the what passes through the first will just be the kind of debris that cyclonic filtration just isn’t designed to catch (so it would just go through the second as well). However, people commonly use two (or more) together "in parallel", often on high capacity pools that would have a high filtration workload.
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Answer provided by: Nathan (1/10/2020)

Q: Is it necessary to purchase this two filter system with the classic combo RJ45 Plus Sait system?

Asked by: RON - 4/2/2019
A: Sorry for the delayed response, Ron. You would only need this if you need to replace your existing filter or if you have a new pool and haven't added filtration yet. There are also combo packages that include filters - look for the "Ultimate Combos". And don't hesitate to call for quicker support or if you have any other questions - 866-766-5243
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Answer provided by: Discount Salt Pool (4/5/2019)

Q: Does the package include the CJ-2750 filter cartridge?

Asked by: Jerry - 6/25/2023
A: You can see on the product page there are options to choose for different filter sizes. If you are asking if the filters come with the internal cartridges, yes that is included.
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Answer provided by: Discount Salt Pool (6/26/2023)