Rola-Chem 2.0
Rola-Chem 2.0' Flow Meter

Rola-Chem 2.0" Flow Meter

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Rola-Chem 2.0" Flow Meter
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Measure your flow and optimize your circulation

Rola-Chem's flowmeters have a wide chamber that greatly reduces mineral deposits by allowing higher flow volume. Rola-Chem flowmeters are built to withstand water temperatures up to 200°F and are manufactured to work with schedule 40 PVC pipe.

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Q: How many gallons per minute does this flow meter read and how is it installed?

Asked by: B Gordon - 7/31/2019
A: This reads up to 140 GPM, and it clamps on top of your PVC plumbing. Basically you drill a hole in the pipe, place this down on top of it, and it comes with clamps that hold it securely in place with a good seal.
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Answer provided by: Joe (7/31/2019)