Putting An End to pH Hassles, For Good!

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The topic? Dealing with the hassles of PH Balance, one of the most important aspects of your pool.

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 Struggling to maintain a proper level of PH in your pool is a real issue.  Trust me, you are not alone in this, it is very common problem.  What I would like to do in this video is go over some newer, more modern solutions and help figure out if there might be a better way to keep the pool balanced.

What is pH? Why is it Important?

Well, a balanced PH is the foundation for most of your other pool chemistry.  It enables your other levels to do their job more effectively, minimizing how many other chemicals have to be added to the pool, while maximizing swimmer comfort. A good pH is neither too acidic or too alkaline. 

Unbalanced PH means it will take more effort to sanitize the pool and keep it clear. It can also cause mineral build up and scaling, or even cause erosion and damage to your equipment not to mention harsh effects on your skin!

PH is usually changing on a daily basis, and traditionally we have always used acid or soda ash to control PH but is there a better way? A way that eliminates the need for constant testing and adjustments?

I did some research and testing and wanted to share some of my hands on experience with you.

Effective Solutions For a Balanced pH Level

Two of the most effective solutions available are the Autopilot Total Control and the CircuPool TOTALBalance systems.  Both of these maintain the PH for you.

Right off the bat, the one that stood out the most was the Circupool TOTALBalance and I’ll tell you why.

TOTALBalance by Circupool

It controls your PH with Co2.  Ok?  So no need for acid!!! It automatically infuses CO2 into the water, which is a natural and completely effective method to maintain a proper level of PH.

There really isn’t anything like it and the best part is how simple it is to install.  Even if you’re not a handy person you can knock this out in about 20 minutes.  And after setup you typically just need to make a couple of quick adjustments to meet your pools needs. 

The system uses commonly available Co2 tanks.  Refills can be done locally at a number of places including welding shops, restaurant supply stores and even some hardware stores.  Duration in between refills is determined by size of the tanks you choose to go with as well as size of your pool, but for many pools can easily last an entire swimming season. Because of its simplicity and price point, TOTALbalance by CIRCUPOOL is a good fit for almost any backyard pool. 

Total Control by Autopilot

Another excellent PH system is the total control by Autopilot. It uses the traditional method of adding muriatic acid to the pool water, but it automates the process. It uses a large tank of acid with a stenner pump that slowly drips acid into the pool return, it controls this process with a pH sensor. That safety sensor makes sure it adds the right amount of acid to the pool. In addition, the Total Control is actually a complete sanitation solution – it also includes a salt chlorinator that has a unique sensor and controller that lets it also automate its output! That does add a bit to the complexity of the set up and you’ll also see it’s reflected in its price tag.

Based on my experience with it, the Autopilot Total Control is a huge benefit for those vacation homes and rental houses where you’re just not there to look after the pool or make adjustments. It’s also the number one choice if you want to have the most high-end pool chemistry automation available. In comparison, the CircuPool TOTALBalance is probably going to be your choice if you want a fairly quick install, easy to use controls and a method of controlling your PH while eliminating the need for Acid.

Final Thoughts

You’ll have to make the decision yourself and determine which one is best for you.  We do have both available on our website and like always please just call us if you have questions.

Thanks for tuning into fix your pool Friday and we’ll see ya in the next video. 


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A balanced PH is the foundation for most of your other pool chemistry. There's no better way to help achieve "hands off" pool chemistry than the combination of a salt chlorinator and pH control system! See more now ►

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