Phosphate Test Strips
Phosphate Test Strips

Phosphate Test Strips

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Removes Phosphates and Improve Water Quality

The perfect addition to any saltwater chlorine generator system to ensure perfect pool levels. Phosphate Pool & Spa Test Strips will let you easily measure your phosphate level in just minutes. Keeping the correct phosphate level in the pool water minimizes your pool's chlorine demand and eliminates many common and recurring pool problems, so that you always have optimal swimming conditions. Phosphate test strips detect levels (sodium chloride) from 0 to 4000 ppb (0 ppb ideal). Get accurate results quickly by just dipping the strip in your pool water.

Each package contains 50 pool phosphate test strips. Test your pool regularly to catch problems early after rain, water run-off, windy days, frequent pool use, and more that can raise phosphate levels.

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