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Pentair® IntelliChlor IC40 Replacement Salt Cell (EC-520555)
Pentair IC-40 Replacement Salt Cell

Pentair® IntelliChlor IC40 Replacement Salt Cell (EC-520555)

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Part Number: PEN-IC40-RC-DRP

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Genuine OEM Replacement Salt Cell for the Pentair Intellichlor® IC40 salt chlorine generator. 40,000 gallon max capacity.
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Power: 1.4 lbs/day
2 Year Limited Warranty
8000 Hours Rated Lifespan
40000 Gallons Max Capacity

The IC40 salt cell is the factory original replacement cell for the Pentair Intellichlor, allowing you to replace your old salt cell in minutes by easily dropping the new IC40 cell directly in place. This cell is made to meet or exceed original factory specs and has 100% guaranteed compatibility.

Replacing the IC40 cell will allow your salt chlorine generator to begin chlorinating again if your old IC40 salt cell has been depleted. The IC40 cell sanitizes your swimming pool in an eco-friendly and cost-efficient way, and also helps provide a luxurious swimming experience without the eye irritation and dry skin. Monitoring chlorine production is easy with the IntelliChlor generator. It’s the only one with all controls and displays built into the cell. Just select from one of five sanitizing levels to easily manage chlorine addition.


When replacing your Intellichlor salt cell, take this opportunity to make sure it is sized correctly for your pool. Sizing your salt cell properly is key to making sure you will not need to supplement with additional chlorine or shock your pool, and also extends the lifespan of your cell.The industry recommends using a salt cell with a max capacity of 1.5-2 times the actual size of your pool (more is better). The IC40 is manufacturer rated for a maximum capacity of 40,000 gallons.


This replacement salt cell for the IC40 is 100% compatible with all Intellichlor Power Centers (no software/firmware issues). The IC40 cell has the same length, threading, and cable connection for direct replacement.

To get the most life out of your salt cell and to keep your pool running without unexpected interruptions, make sure it is sized correctly, maintain correct water balance, and be sure and inspect your cell at least every 3 months for leaks, debris, and calcium scale. Be sure to follow instructions in the product manual and clean the cell as often as the system indicates.

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Q & A

Q: I have an old intellichlor that does not light up this year. I assume it is the cell unit not the power center, I assume it has expired but do not know how to diagnose it. Do they also make a replacement power center?

Asked by: eric - 5/10/2017
A: As the average lifespan on Pentair cells can be 2-4 years, the cell may need to be replaced since it is the consumable part of the system. You may just want to double check that you have a good fuse in your Power Center and visually inspect the Power Center for damage to rule it out. If you do need a new Power Center, see below under "Related Items".
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Answer provided by: John (5/10/2017)

Q: does this come with a cord?

Asked by: annie - 4/24/2018
A: Yes these have the cord built-in to it as a part of the cell.
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Answer provided by: Tim (4/25/2018)

Q: When I put my in-ground Pentair pool filter back together this spring, I found I'm missing my salt cell. I have a Pentair system that is approx. 3 years old, and my pool is 27,000 gallons. I'm not sure which replacement salt cell to buy

Asked by: Bill - 6/2/2020
A: The industry standard is typically to get a system 1.5x to 2x the capacity of your pool. So you would want at least the 40,000 gallon model if not the 60 for a better value and more capability.
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Answer provided by: Greg (6/3/2020)

Q: the cell light is not coming on. what is my problem. i cleaned it with the acid just like i did last year. my gen is about 7 years old

Asked by: glenn darter - 5/18/2020
No Answers have been submitted yet.

Q: We have a 36000 gallon in ground pool with a Pentair IC40 currently that we believe needs to be replaced. Do we have to replace it with the same salt chlorine generator? Is there one that works just as well for less? This prices seems high for only 2-4 years of use.

Asked by: HP - 7/6/2020
A: No, you do not have to keep using the same model. You can consider the , aftermarket cells for your model, or also a popular model to switch to is the CORE55 with its adapter kit so you don't have to replumb.
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Answer provided by: Riley (7/6/2020)

Q: How do I know if my intellichlor power center is bad?

Asked by: Andy - 7/26/2020
A: If you check its fuse and its good, and there is still no power, there may be something damaged.
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Answer provided by: Terrence (7/28/2020)

Q: Are the IC30 and IC40 units the same size (length, and thread size). I need to replace a defective IC30.

Asked by: Jeff Boyle - 9/2/2020
A: If by IC30 you mean the ichlor30, no that is a different size unit. If you mean IC20, yes it is the same length and size as the IC40 cell.
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Answer provided by: Nathan (9/3/2020)

Q: The flow direction looks opposite of my old unit will this work has these been made differently since 2010

Asked by: Kevin Turner - 10/11/2020
A: Greetings Kevin,
This item is Pentair's original model Intellichlor cell, the design has not been changed. It is a drop-in replacement if you have an existing model.
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Answer provided by: Discount Salt Pool (10/12/2020)