Orenda SC-1000 Scale + Metal Control
Orenda SC-1000 Scale + Metal Control

Orenda SC-1000 Scale + Metal Control

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Orenda Technologies SC1000 Controls Calcium Scale and Inhibits Metal Stains

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Protect against scale hassles
Helps prevent staining
DOES NOT contain phosphates

Orenda SC-1000 helps prevent annoying scale formation and metal stains. SC-1000 is a non-phoshpate based chelant that works by keeping calcium and other metals in solution. This inhibits carbonate scale and metal deposits, which can be especially invaluable to protect pool surfaces at startup and beyond. SC-1000 also is impressively effective when removing existing scale in pool heaters, salt chlorinator cells, and other equipment.

  • Protects your pool surfaces
  • Removes existing carbonate scale
  • Does NOT increase your phosphate level

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