Orenda PR-10000 Phosphate Remover Concentrate
Orenda PR-10000 Phosphate Remover Concentrate

Orenda PR-10000 Phosphate Remover Concentrate

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Orenda Technologies PR10000 Concentrated Phosphate Control
Powerful formula for dramatic results
Helps dramatically reduce chlorine demand

Orenda PR-10000 formula can significantly improve water quality and sanitizer efficiency in the process. Phosphates are commonly found in swimming pools and are micronutrients that can allow micro-organisms to thrive; this in turn can make a pool require much greater amounts of sanitization. PR-10000 is highly concentrated and reacts on contact with phosphates in the pool water.

  • Highly concentrated, effective formula
  • Reacts to phosphates on contact
  • Treats phosphate levels up to 2000ppb per dose
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Questions From Customers

Q: After adding 2 qts orenda to 40k pool with over 4000 reading I’ve had to clean filters more than dozen times. When will I be finished? The phosphate levels is still 2000…

Asked by: Gary - 6/6/2023
A: You should never put more than 8 ounces per 10k gallons. Per that calculation, you may have put 1 quart too much in your pool. PR10000 is heavily concentrated and applying more than needed will greatly increase the amount of filter cleanings. As the physical phosphates are removed through filter cleanings, the levels will continue go down. For more in depth product help, you can see very good information here:
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Answer provided by: John (6/7/2023)