Just What Exactly Is A Salt Pool?

Most pool owners who still use chlorine eventually ask the question - exactly what is a Salt Pool? Its usually because a friend or neighbor who also has a swimming pool uses a salt system - and people who have one always talk about how much better it is and how easy it has made their pool to maintain. But what does it mean to have a saltwater pool? We'll go over what a salt pool is, what it does, and why its better.

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When you first hear about the idea of a "saltwater pool", you'd be forgiven if it makes you think "the ocean", but it just means using a "salt chlorinator" on your pool. A salt chlorinator (also called a salt system, or saltwater chlorine generator) is a simple and ingenious electronic device that does one thing for your pool - it creates free chlorine. It does this WITHOUT making your swimming pool like the ocean. In fact, the levels of salt (salinity) in a saltwater pool are infinitesimal - they are at safe low levels and are almost considered plain fresh water when compared to the ocean. Modern salt systems operate at 3,000 - 3,500 parts per million (PPM) salinity, whereas the ocean has salt levels upwards of 35,000 - 40,000 PPM. Most people can't even notice that the pool water has salt in it.

Even better, the pool's salt system actually improves the water quality. The salt makes the water feel soft and silky. More importantly, the salt chlorinator gets rid of the harsh, nasty by-products of traditional chlorination, "chloramines". That means you can expect a luxurious natural swimming experience without red eyes, itchy skin, bleached hair or swimsuits, the chlorine smell, and all the other unhealthy caustic qualities of chlorine.

This is because the salt chlorinator sanitizes the pool using a process called "electrolysis" to create a pure form of chlorine from the low levels of salt present in the swimming pool water. The salt chlorinator system is simple to add to your existing setup, and is comprised of two main parts, 1) a controller that hangs on the wall and gets connected to your pool equipment power, and 2) a "cell" that is easily added to your pool plumbing. The cell is what does the work to convert the salt into a safe pure form of chlorine, and it does so everyday automatically in unison with your other pool equipment.

So saltwater pools are just swimming pools that have safe natural water, that aren't a hassle to keep clear, and that safe lots of money because you the eliminate the need to buy, store, or handle chlorine, shock or algaecide. These are the things that cause the majority of pool chemical maintenance expenses, and that take up so much of your time in a vicious cycle of measuring and adding pool chemicals.

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