Jandy® TruClear Salt Chlorine Generator
Jandy TrueClear Salt Chlorinator Cell and Control Module

Jandy® TruClear Salt Chlorine Generator "Trade Grade" - With Plumbing Unions

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Part Number: TRUCLEAR11KU
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Zodiac Jandy Truclear11ku - With "retrofit kit" (includes unions for installation on existing pools).

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Power: 0.95 lbs/day
90-Day / 3 Year Limited Warranty
35000 Gallons Max Capacity
4000 - 6000 ppm

The Jandy TruClear electronic chlorine generator is a salt pool system with a small cell constructed in the style of a Jandy Never Lube® Valve. The salt chlorinator works with existing pump and filtration systems to reliably supply the swimming pool with pure chlorine, every day. It uses ordinary salt to generate the chlorine your pool needs and helps create softer, silkier pool water. The TruClear is the latest salt chlorinator model from Jandy/Zodiac to help make it easy to maintain a sparkling clean pool. Manufacturer Claimed Max capacity: 35,000 gallons.

The complete Jandy TrueClear salt system has two main components: the Power Supply Unit and the Electrolytic Cell, along with its miscellaneous hardware and documentation.

  • 2nd-Generation system, combining a compact shape with a digital control screen.
  • Simple construction using Jandy Never Lube® Valve material.
  • Allows simple inspection with threaded cell connection and viewport.
  • Digital display shows output adjustment settings.

Jandy "Trade Grade" modelsare restricted by the manufacturer so that pricing, extended warranty, or direct purchase is not available online.


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Q: Jandy 35K Gal Truclear Salt System- Cost?

Asked by: David Davidson - 2/10/2021
A: David, unfortunately Jandy doesn't want consumers to be able to buy or see prices for their equipment on the internet. We're happy to assist you with it over the phone and help make sure you get the best deal on a salt system that is the right fit for your pool: 866-766-5243
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Answer provided by: Discount Salt Pool (2/10/2021)

Q: How do you super chlorinate/

Asked by: Melissa S Jones - 4/18/2023
A: According to the system's instructions, the TruClear's "BOOST" superchlorination mode can be activated by pressing the "UP" and "RIGHT" buttons simultaneously. The boost will turn off after 24 hours. To turn off BOOST mode manually, press the "LEFT" button
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Answer provided by: Discount Salt Pool (4/19/2023)