Which Robotic Pool Cleaner Is Best At Cleaning The Whole Pool? Side-By-Side Comparison
Watch this video before you buy a new robotic pool cleaner to understand the importance of smart navigation for pool cleaners - otherwise you're just hoping that the pool robot cleans your whole pool. Read more
Pool Salt Cell Installation: All About Replacement Salt Cells
Learn how to replace a salt cell for crystal clear swims. Get PRO tips on efficient replacement salt cells to maintain pool perfection. Read more
Variable Speed Pool Pump Schedules: How Long to Run a Pool Pump for Maximum Efficiency
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Saltwater Hot Tubs: 10 Reasons to Convert Your Hot Tub to Saltwater Today
When it comes to home relaxation, the humble hot tub has always been a symbol of leisure and comfort. However, many are yet to discover the enhanced experience that comes with converting to a saltwater hot tub system. Read more
The Best Variable Speed Pool Pumps of 2024
Variable speed pool pumps are becoming increasingly popular among salt pool owners due to their energy efficiency, cost savings, and advanced technology. But with so many options on the market, it can be overwhelming to choose the best variable speed pool pump for your swimming pool. Read more
7 Things to Consider When Upgrading to a Variable Speed Pump
A pool pump is the heart of the pool's circulation system and plays an important role in keeping the water clean, clear, and free of contaminants. Read more
The Essential Guide for Choosing a new Variable Speed Pump
Its surprising, but some people don't seem to spend much thought when selecting a variable speed pool pump. In the old days of single-speed pumps, you may have just selected a pump because it had a certain horsepower and then you were done. A Read more
Swimming Pool Pumps – The Ultimate Guide for Homeowners
Swimming pools are a source of relaxation and fun, but to keep them in top condition, you need to have the right components in place. One of the most important parts of a swimming pool is the pool pump. Read more
Variable Speed Pool Pumps And The Savings They Offer
Though they may have a higher price tag, many swimming pool owners quickly come to find that by offering great energy savings, variable speed pool pumps are well worth the investment. Read more
An Expert Review of the 12 Best Salt Chlorine Generators of 2024
The best salt water pool system for your pool with 2024’s expert review. Enjoy crystal clear water all season long by selecting the best salt chlorine generator for your pool. Read more
The 5 Must-Have Upgrades For Your Swimming Pool System
The 5 items are MUST-HAVE for almost any pool if you want the water to stay looking good with minimal work, not to mention providing giant savings on electricity, chemicals, and more... Read more
Chlorine Alternative Comparison for Pool Owners - Essential Guide
How does chlorine, salt pool systems, ozone generators, UV systems and more compare? Read more
Taking your pool water to the next level
People with salt pools say they can never go back to a traditional chlorine pool. But did you know you that it can get even better? Here's how to take your water quality to the next level... Read more
3 Ways to Modernize Your Swimming Pool Equipment
Once you've upgraded the pool to a salt chlorinator system, you might wonder why anyone goes through all the work and expense of using traditional chlorination. The benefits... Read more
Common Questions and Facts about Salt Cells

Salt Water pool systems have become so popular that they have begun to be the default choice for home swimming pools. However, many people (even if they have a salt pool) don't get much deeper into what a salt system really is beyond the fact that they just love it. Below are some facts about what a saltwater chlorine generator cell really is, so that you can better take care of your own swimming pool system...

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Salt Water Pool System Basic Components For Beginners

If you already have a chlorinated pool and you are considering enjoying the benefits of converting to salt water, it's easy to make the switch. You just need to add a new piece of equipment, a Salt Water Chlorine Generator. These chlorine generators generally only have two main components...

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Putting An End to pH Hassles, For Good!
Maintaining a proper level of PH in your pool is a real issue and a very common problem. There are modern solutions to keep the pool balanced automatically. Read more
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