Dive G1 Salt Pool System (Discontinued)
Dive G1 - Turbine-Powered Salt Chlorinator

Dive G1 Salt Pool System (Discontinued)

Part Number: DIVE-G1
Availability: Discontinued
Self-Powered Saltwater Chlorinator
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Power 0.3-0.7 lbs/day
Warranty 3/1 Year Limited
Rated Lifespan 10000 Hours
Max Capacity 12-30000 Gallons
State-of-the-Art Turbine Generates Its Own Power

The Dive G1 is the only salt chlorination system that uses a turbine to generate power - that means no wires! The complete kit comes with everything you need to install it but a hacksaw to cut your PVC pipe.

Simply install the Dive salt cell (it's easy using the included cutting template), add the salt to your pool, then relax as the system generates free chlorine. You can also raise and lower its chlorine output and check its status from anywhere using the system's WiFi connection to the salt system's app on your cell phone.

The Dive salt chlorinator uses the world's most efficient miniature turbine to convert the water flow from your pool pump into electricity, which powers the conversion of salt in the pool into chlorine. Greater flow means greater chlorination power - but that doesn't mean you need to run your pump continuously to use the Dive chlorinator. The controls allow you to adjust the chlorine production levels up or down to suit your pool conditions.

Manufacturer Sizing Recommendations (based on turbine flow rate)

For pools with a minimum flow rate of 30 gallons per minute (1HP and smaller single-speed pumps)
- 12,000 gallon maximum pool size*

For pools with a minimum flow rate of 35 gallons per minute (most 1HP single-speed pumps)
- 20,000 gallon maximum pool size*

For pools with flow rates above 40 gallons per minute (1.5HP single-speed pumps and up)
- 30,000 gallon maximum pool size*

What Size System is Right for Me?

General FAQ

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Questions From Customers

Q: My pool is very far away from my circuit panel. Am I reading this correctly that this system has no wires?

Asked by: Larry - 8/9/2018
A: That is correct! This system is completely self-contained and doesn't require any electrical hook ups. It is the only system that generates its power from the flow of water going through your pool return plumbing.
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Answer provided by: Discount Salt Pool (8/10/2018)

Q: How far away from my house can this get installed and it still connects to wifi?

Asked by: Debbie R. - 8/22/2018
A: That might depend on the strength of your wifi from your router and any walls, doors, appliances, fences, trees, etc... or anything else that might block the wifi signal by the time it reaches your pool's equipment pad. A rough way to check that would be to see if your cell phone can still get a wifi signal that far away. A wifi connection is not necessarily required for the salt chlorinator to operate.
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Answer provided by: Discount Salt Pool (8/24/2018)

Q: Will this replace a Goldline Turbo Tcell15?

Asked by: Arnold Brantley - 9/5/2018
A: You may be able to, but this cell is not the same length or threads that would make it a direct replacement without changing your plumbing - if that is what you are asking. You should also check your pool's size to see if this system is powerful enough.
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Answer provided by: Nathan (9/6/2018)

Q: What is the name or number of the o rings ..they are two different sizes of dive smart sanitizer G1 and where I can buy

Asked by: Mariana - 5/7/2020
A: Unfortunately Dive discontinued their models. They have posted this information on their website: "Please reach our team toll free at 1-866-554-1715 or by emailing us at [email protected]."
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Answer provided by: Discount Salt Pool (5/7/2020)

Chlorine Output:

0.32 lbs/day - 0.76 lbs/day (Variable based on flow rate)

Manufacturer Warranty:

1 Year Limited* Complete System / 3 Years Limited* Replacement Cell

Manufacturer Rated Lifespan:

10,000 hours

Manufacturer Max Capacity:

12000 - 30000 gallons (Variable based on flow rate)

Replacement Cell Cost (MSRP):



Digital - LED Indicators and phone app

Salinity Range:

4000 ppm

Salinity Test:

Yes - Displays ppm in phone app

Flow Sensor:

Yes, built-in Flow Switch

Clear Cell:



Yes, Reverse Polarity

Boost Mode:

Yes, 24 hours

Winter Mode:


Warranty Penalty for Self-Install:


Because the Dive salt chlorinator generates its own power, it doesn't utilize a separate control box or power supply. It has a built-in control pad on the salt cell, and when successfully paired to an available WiFi signal, can also be controlled through a cell phone app. The controls have an on/off button and two power level buttons that allow you to raise and lower the chlorine output in 10% increments. The system has LED indicators that alert you to salinity, water flow, water temperature, or WiFi connection issues.

The Dive G1 salt cell is an inline opaque-plastic housing which contains replaceable titanium electrode plates, turbine, built-in controls, and WiFi adapter. The Dive salt cell has threaded connections on the inlet and outlet, which attach to secondary threaded 2" unions that are glued to the existing return-line PVC plumbing. The salt cell can be removed from the plumbing for service or winter removal (if applicable).
The complete Dive G1 saltwater chlorine generator system includes with it two threaded cell adapters, two 2" Threaded Unions, two 1.5" reducer bushings, o-rings, cleaning basin, plumber's tape, PVC cement, installation template, app download insert, and instruction manual.
Manufacturer 3 Years Limited* (replaceable inner cell) / 1 Year Limited* (whole system); for residential use. Most manufacturer chlorine generator warranties are pro-rated. All warranties offered are provided by the relative manufacturer and are limited to the terms and proration they provide. See manufacturer's documentation for a full description of warranty terms and conditions.