DEL OZONE 100 Swimming Pool Ozone Generator (formerly Eclipse EC-40)
DEL OZONE 100 Swimming Pool Ozone Generator (formerly Eclipse EC-40)

DEL OZONE 100 Swimming Pool Ozone Generator (formerly Eclipse EC-40)

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Part Number: EC40

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Power: 1.0 g/hr
1 Year Warranty

The DEL OZONE100 (model EC40) ozone generator can take your salt pool's water purity to the next level, while also providing noticeably improved water clarity. The EC40 destroys 99.99% of bacteria, viruses, and parasites - especially pathogens that are resistant to chlorination. This added sanitation greatly extends the life span of your system's salt cell. The EC40 helps you achieve the most pure & safe pool water possible.

Important: For plumbing installation, the DEL Installation Kit with 2" Pressure Side Injector Manifold (9-0210-11) is required

The EC40 is simple to install simple - hang the ozone generator unit on the wall, wire it to your pool circulation timer, and connect it to the plumbing manifold (purchased separately) using tubing and quick-clamp connections. Ideal for heavy use residential pools.

  • Produces ozone using patented APG technology. Ozone quickly kills up to 99.99% of harmful microorganisms, which greatly reduces the chlorination demand of your water.
  • Ozone is a micro-flocculent that makes the finest particles bind together, allowing them to be captured by your filter. This supercharges your swimming pool's water clarity!
  • Works perfectly in tandem with your salt system. Ozone provides the fast-acting sanitation that reduces the workload of your salt chlorine generator, which provides the necessary residual sanitation in your pool.
  • Used together with your salt system, you'll have the ultimate pristine pool - comparable to other high-end pool systems that cost many thousands more


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