ControlOMatic - SmarterSpa Spa Chlorine Generator
ControlOMatic - SmarterSpa Spa Chlorine Generator

ControlOMatic - SmarterSpa Spa Chlorine Generator

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SmarterSpa Hot Tub Sanitation System - Natural Salt Chlorine Generator
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Power: 0.07 lbs/day
1 Year Limited Warranty
7000 Hours Rated Lifespan
2000 Gallons Max Capacity
Chlorine Detection technology
500 - 2000 ppm

ControlOMatic SmarterSpa salt chlorine generators are specifically designed to retrofit any brand of hot tub or spa up to 2000 gallons.

Sometimes, using a full-size saltwater pool system isn't an option for many spas, so the spa-style SmarterSpa chlorine generator is designed to be a very easy to install and does not interfere with the current plumbing or electronics: simply add salt, place in the water, and turn it on. The control unit plugs into a standard 110v GFCI outlet and attaches to the spa's skirt in just minutes. Even better - the advanced SmarterSpa includes patent pending chlorine detection technology which allows for automatic operation - no need to manually monitor and adjust your chlorine levels. Make your spa or hot tub sanitation effortless.

The SmarterSpa is plug-and-play! However, if you're looking for a concealed installation, the SmarterSpa Inline option allows the system to be connected to your existing pump/filter system and remain out of sight. Important: inline operation should be used with continuous pump operation or where power can be coordinated to turn pump and salt system on and off together. The SmarterSpa can also be utilized as a hot tub and spa saltwater bromine generator, for spas that currently use manual bromine sanitation

Why convert to salt? Because of the higher temperatures involved, the chemical balance of a hot tub must be continuously maintained in order to stay safe. Keeping up with spa and hot tub maintenance can be a challenge - forgetting to add chlorine or bromine just once can lead to cloudy, smelly spa problems. Even conventional chlorine feeder systems run out! Instead, Controlomatic SmarterSpa spa salt chlorinators allow you to automatically and consistently ensure crystal clear water without buying or adding anymore traditional chlorine or bromine. Using a very low level of natural salt, the SmarterSpa continuously sanitizes the water while eliminating the harsh chemical odors. That means a luxurious & natural experience when you soak in the hot tub, and worry-free & cost-effective maintenance along the way. And with its exclusive chlorine detection technology, the SmarterSpa eliminates the need to even monitor hot tub chlorine levels or adjust its operation!


  • Patent pending chlorine detection control technology.
  • Drape-Over and concealed install.
  • Adjustable chlorine output.
  • Patented temperature compensation.
  • Salt level indicator.
  • Easy to use control panel.
  • Usage boost mode.
  • Automatic self cleaning


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Q: What does the 7000 hour life refer to and how much does it cost to replace?

Asked by: Bob - 4/18/2019
A: That is how many hours of operation the cell is estimated to last - that works out to about 3 years or so for most people. That number let's you compare its lifespan to similar systems from other manufacturers. The replacement cell is about half the cost of the system, and then you should get another few years of use out of it (at significantly less cost!)
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Answer provided by: David (4/18/2019)


Asked by: DAVID CLARISSE - 3/9/2021
A: This unit can be mounted on the exterior of the spa or on a nearby support. It is meant to be out in the weather and in a place that you can easily access it. Any outdoor equipment can benefit from protection from the sun, but it is not required.
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Answer provided by: Jennifer (3/9/2021)

Q: How long is the power cord?

Asked by: Tina Steffen - 5/3/2023
A: The power cable from the control box to your power source is 15', and the cable from the cell to the control box is 9',
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Answer provided by: Discount Salt Pool (5/3/2023)