ControlOMatic - SmarterSpa+ Spa Chlorine Generator
ControlOMatic - SmarterSpa+ Spa Chlorine Generator

ControlOMatic - SmarterSpa+ Spa Chlorine Generator

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SmarterSpa+ Hot Tub Sanitation System - Natural Salt Chlorine Generator with Automatic Chlorine Detection and Wi-fi Controls
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Power: 0.07 lbs/day
1 Year Limited Warranty
7000 Hours Rated Lifespan
2000 Gallons Max Capacity
Chlorine Detection technology
500 - 2000 ppm

ControlOMatic SmarterSpa+ salt chlorine generators are specifically designed to retrofit any brand of hot tub or spa up to 2000 gallons.

Sometimes, using a full-size saltwater pool system isn't an option for many spas, so the spa-style SmarterSpa+ chlorine generator is designed to be a very easy to install and does not interfere with the current plumbing or electronics: simply add salt, place in the water, and turn it on. The control unit plugs into a standard 110v GFCI outlet and attaches to the spa's skirt in just minutes. Even better - the advanced SmarterSpa+ includes patent pending chlorine detection technology which allows for automatic operation - no need to manually monitor and adjust your chlorine levels. Make your spa or hot tub sanitation effortless. 

The SmarterSpa+ is plug-and-play! However, if you're looking for a concealed installation, the SmarterSpa Inline option allows the system to be connected to your existing pump/filter system and remain out of sight. Important: inline operation should be used with continuous pump operation or where power can be coordinated to turn pump and salt system on and off together. The SmarterSpa+  can also be utilized as a hot tub and spa saltwater bromine generator, for spas that currently use manual bromine sanitation

Why convert to salt? Because of the higher temperatures involved, the chemical balance of a hot tub must be continuously maintained in order to stay safe. Keeping up with spa and hot tub maintenance can be a challenge - forgetting to add chlorine or bromine just once can lead to cloudy, smelly spa problems. Even conventional chlorine feeder systems run out! Instead, Controlomatic SmarterSpa+  spa salt chlorinators allow you to automatically and consistently ensure crystal clear water without buying or adding anymore traditional chlorine or bromine. Using a very low level of natural salt, the SmarterSpa+ continuously sanitizes the water while eliminating the harsh chemical odors. That means a luxurious & natural experience when you soak in the hot tub, and worry-free & cost-effective maintenance along the way. And with its exclusive chlorine detection technology, the SmarterSpa+ eliminates the need to even monitor hot tub chlorine levels or adjust its operation!

Download the accompanying app to conveniently control your SmarterSpa+ from anywhere:

Key Features:

  • Patent pending chlorine detection control technology.
  • Drape-Over and concealed install.
  • Adjustable chlorine output.
  • Patented temperature compensation.
  • Salt level indicator.
  • Easy to use control panel.
  • Usage boost mode.
  • Automatic self cleaning


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