Classic Combo (Medium Pools) - (RJ-30 PLUS Salt System + SmartFlo® VS Pump - 1.5 THP)
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Classic Combo (Medium Pools) - (RJ-30 PLUS Salt System + SmartFlo® VS Pump - 1.5 THP)

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Classic Combo (Medium Pools)

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7/3 Year Limited Warranty
25000 Gallons Max Capacity

Take advantage of HUGE SAVINGS with our equipment package deals. This package comes with the RJ-30 PLUS Saltwater Chlorinator and SmartFlo® ultra-efficient variable speed pump.

The CircuPool RJ-30 PLUS uses advanced electrolytic titanium cells to effortlessly and automatically maintain sparkling blue water for a luxurious swimming experience. The RJ features all digital controls, heavy-duty construction, and premium clear cell. The RJ-Series is backed with award-winning service and an industry-leading warranty.

The CircuPool SmartFlo® variable-speed saltwater pool pump is a next-generation, ultra-efficient pump that can provide up to 90% energy savings over traditional swimming pool pumps! It features a super-duty Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled (TEFC) permanent-magnet motor and highly-engineered hydraulics, which deliver premium efficiency, long lifespan, and whisper-quiet operation. Specifically designed to replace existing high-performance pumps, the CircuPool SmartFlo® has integrated programmable controls that make it completely customizable, making it a perfect fit for any type of pool. Works great with saltwater chlorinators!

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Q & A

Q: Do you need to change your pool pump when adding the salt generator?

Asked by: Jim - 3/1/2019
A: Jim, if your existing pool pumps is still working you do not need to replace your pump just because you are adding a salt system. However, it is a very good time to upgrade your pump to newer technology - these are variable speed pumps that use a tiny fraction of the electricity (which can save thousands) and they are very quiet as well. Plus, when you get the salt system and variable speed pump together in the package you're getting a pretty big discount for buying both at once. Let us know if you have more questions: 866-766-5243
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Answer provided by: Discount Salt Pool (3/4/2019)

Q: Is this combination acceptable for 12500 gallon above ground pool? Or is it too much horsepower on the pump?

Asked by: Randy - 5/5/2019
No Answers have been submitted yet.

Q: Hello, I am considering the package deal for the variable speed pump and chlorinator. I currently have a Hayward Superpump II, 1HP single speed pump. We have a solar pool heater with a Hayward/Goldline 35 controller. Is there a way or an output on the pump that would trigger the solar controller only at higher pump speeds? Or is there a way for the solar controller to trigger the pump to go faster? I suspect I need to purchase a new controller as well. Is there a controller you'd recommend? It moves a Jandy valve to turn the solar on and off based on pool and solar temps. Thanks!

Asked by: JWH - 5/7/2020
A: The type of control you are describing is likely going to be achieved by a third-party controller or automation system (EasyTouch, Omnilogic, Aqualink), or potentially a simple controllable valve that is set to direct flow to the solar system during the same times you set the high speeds on the pump. If you use an automation system, the SmartFlo pump in can communicate with it using its interface adapter: We're happy to discuss it in more detail if you call 866-766-5243.
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Answer provided by: Discount Salt Pool (5/7/2020)