CL Free Ultra - Chlorine Free Pool System with pH Management
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CL Free Ultra - Chlorine Free Pool System with pH Management

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Like swimming in bottled water
5 Year Warranty
35000 Gallons Max Capacity
Automatic pH Managment
The CL Free Water Systems Pool/Spa System sanitizes and protects your pool water and provides you a completely chlorine-free natural swimming experience. The system ionizes copper into the water, kills bacteria (E-coli, Pseudomonas, etc.), kills algae, and oxidizes the water (freshening and sanitizing). The system eliminates chlorine chemicals and other impurities from your water. The system significantly reduces calcium, deposits. This proven technology is similar to the equipment used to produce high-quality bottled water.  

CL-Free systems are hybrid purification devices that consists of two main components: the Digital Control Unit and the in-line electrolytic Flow Cell. The Digital Control Unit does not require any wiring, it simply plugs into a standard 110V outlet. The Flow Cell incorporates platinum-coated titanium plates and copper electrodes, where it enables pure oxygen (hydroxyl) creation and copper ionization that keep your pool crystal clear and free of microbes and algae. Additionally, the system's Flow Switch turns the Digital Control Unit on and off when the pool pump runs. Also included is a five-way testing kit that measures all the basic water balance levels.

CL-Free Ultra systems include automatic pH management. The Ultra system reads the actual pH of your pool water every 30 seconds and automatically displays the pH on the Digital Control Unit. The pH can also be checked anytime with the push of a button. When the pH rises above 7.6, the Ultra system begins to adjust the pH down by injecting CO2 into the pool pump basket. CO2 injection creates carbonic acid, which is a safe and effective method of lowering pool pH. CL-Free Ultra systems are estimated to utilize 10 lbs of CO2 per 10,000 gallons per month. CO2 tank(s) not included; local air/gas supply, welding supply, or tank rental are recommended..

CL-Free pool systems have a maximum 35,000 gallon rating. Additional Flow Chambers are available for larger pools. 

The manufacturer offers individual, trouble-free customer support during every installation, and ensures customer satisfaction and quality assurance

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