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CircuPool TOTALBalance pH Control (Acid-Free)
Complete TOTALBalance System (CO2 tank not included)

CircuPool TOTALBalance pH Control (Acid-Free)

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User-friendly automatic pH balancing system - Patented CO2 Infusion lowers pH without the need for acid.
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TOTALBalance is a state of the art pH management system - no other pH system is as simple or user-friendly. TOTALBalance doesn't require a drop of liquid acid, and can be installed yourself without any re-plumbing or complicated chemical control setup.

TOTALBalance uses CO2 infusion, a safe and natural process to lower your pool's pH. Other pH systems require a large hazardous tank of liquid acid, chemical pump, and acid feed lines. TOTALBalance makes that all unnecessary by using small amounts of CO2 gas infused directly into your circulation pump. This basic process is enabled by infuser connections that simply screw directly in to the standard drain plugs on the bottom of most swimming pool pumps. The TOTALBalance controller regulates the amount of CO2 delivered into your pool return plumbing, and simply hangs on the wall nearby your pool equipment and plugs into a standard 110V outlet.

Includes your choice of single-tank or triple-tank regulator. CO2 tank(s) sold separately or are commonly available for local purchase or rental.

Questions about CO2? We're glad to help! CO2 tanks can be easily refilled, just like you might refill your barbeque's propane tank. Depending on tank size, many people only need a refill once per swimming season, and the average refill is only about $20-30. CO2 refills are widely available at welding supply stores, hardware stores, restaurant supply stores, sporting good stores, and many more. See also the "Sizing Info" tab.

CircuPool products are backed by USA-Based Expert Support & USA-Based Factory Warranty

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Q & A

Q: Does the CO2 used adversely effect the atmosphere?

Asked by: Richard Ahnen - 8/6/2020
A: The CO2 gets absorbed into your pool water, forming "carbonic acid" to keep the pH balance in check. So you're not seeing CO2 bubbles coming out of your pool jets and immediately escaping the pool; rather, its getting dissolved into the water where it forms CH2O3.
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Answer provided by: Nathan (8/6/2020)

Q: How often do you have to refill the CO2 tank?

Asked by: Richard H - 9/21/2018
A: This system actually has patented technology that allows for predictable CO2 usage. When sized right, refills are extremely infrequent - as little as once a swim season or even less. The manufacturer site gives pretty detailed information about CO2 use, you can see that here: https://www.circupool.com/CircuPool-TOTALBalance-pH-Control-Acid-Free_p_158.html#co2-sizing
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Answer provided by: Discount Salt Pool (2/13/2019)

Q: Where do you get CO2?

Asked by: Jessie Allen - 2/5/2019
A: We carry CO2 tanks, and you can also buy or rent a tank locally. To fill your tank, you have a lot of options ranging from hardware stores, sporting good stores, welding supply stores, restaurant supply stores (CO2 is used in soda fountains), home brew supply stores, paintball supply stores, and more.
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Answer provided by: Discount Salt Pool (2/13/2019)

Q: after using this system for a week my PH is now 7.0 - how do I get it back to normal range? I adjusted the infusion setting from 120 to 100 but it didn;t change the PH - and I have no idea how to change the "flow Rate" the instructions don;t tell how to do that.

Asked by: Carla - 11/27/2020
A: According to the manual, the Flow Adjustment Knob is the dial that is on the lower left of the unit. Turning down the flow rate on the unit will supply less CO2 to the water, meaning that it "won't be working as hard" to lower the pH. For any pool equipment, a good rule of thumb is to make small adjustments, and then check the water in 24-48 hours to measure the result. A good pH range is typically 7.2-7.8.
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Answer provided by: Nathan (11/30/2020)

Q: Is the unit powered full time or only when the pump is running?

Asked by: Darren Worden - 5/2/2020
A: The control unit is always receives power, and has a sensor that makes it only work when the pump is running. It's very easy to set up.
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Answer provided by: Nathan (5/5/2020)

Q: Is it possible to get a second pump connection so that I can split the line and use co2 in my spa too? Thank you

Asked by: Dale - 6/4/2022
A: I'm not sure if that is possible or not. You might want to contact the manufacturer: 888-206-9938
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Answer provided by: Chris (6/6/2022)