CircuPool TJ-16
Innovative cyclonic filtration greatly reduces maintenance!

CircuPool TJ-16 "Typhoon" Centrifugal Pre-Filter

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TJ16 Prefilter with 16 cyclone chambers for advanced centrifugal filtration.

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2 Year Limited Warranty
Almost Any Size Pool
16 Independent Centrifugal Chambers

The Typhoon cyclonic pre-filter from CircuPool is the ultimate time-saver.

Using your existing pump and filter, the Typhoon turns your ordinary equipment into a sophisticated two-stage filtration system that delivers sparkling clear pool water and all but eliminates filter cleanings. With no moving parts to wear out and no electrical components, the Typhoon literally spins the dust and dirt out of your pool water using cyclone water flow.

Installation is an easy, ten minute do-it-yourself project for most homeowners. The Typhoon mounts on top of your pump so it fits right in to any equipment pad and, the 2 inch threaded couplings ensure free-flow operation on all pools.

Certified salt-pool safe: Compatible with all types of pumps and filters. CircuPool products are backed by USA-Based Expert Support & USA-Based Factory Warranty.

How It Works: Using similar vortex technology found in modern cyclonic home vacuum cleaners, the Typhoon removes most of the dirt from the water before it even reaches your filter. The TJ-16 has sixteen independent centrifugal chambers that spin-away impurities from the water, working most effectively on dense debris (debris that sinks). Its clear chamber lets you see how effective it is, and it can be cleaned in moments just by briefly opening its purge valve. Works great with any filter type; cartridge, sand, or Diatomacios Earth. The latest and greatest technology for pools- your pool store might not even know about it!

Have a D.E. Filter? Its recommended to utilize either 1) the optional bypass pipe, 2) the optional bypass plumbing kit, or 3) a do-it-yourself version of the bypass plumbing. Since the prefilter is so effective at removing sediment, these bypass options allow you to recharge your D.E. Filter with D.E. powder without the powder getting captured by the prefilter. See related items below for links and image.

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Q: Can this be installed with any model of pump?

Asked by: Antia - 4/10/2017
A: Yes, this pre-filter can be used with any type of swimming pool pump, and can usually be easily retrofit and added to existing installations. It can be fit on to both 1.5" and 2" plumbing sizes.
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Answer provided by: Nathan (4/11/2017)

Q: If used with a de filter, would you need to add a bypass to add DE?

Asked by: Jim Jackson - 3/22/2020
A: Yes, that is a good way to plumb it so that it eliminates the chance of your DE powder getting captured by the prefilter.
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Answer provided by: Nathan (3/23/2020)

Q: How much space will the CircuPool TJ-16 "Typhoon" Pre-Filter take up in my 2" pool filter line?

Asked by: Bill - 8/14/2017
A: This pre-filter is roughly 24" tall and 12" in diameter. Many people install it directly after the pump's discharge outlet (sitting above their pump).
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Answer provided by: Kim (8/15/2017)

Q: I bought a Typhoon pre-filter last year. Is it possible to purchase both the inlet and outlet fittings? To be able to relocate the pre filter.

Asked by: JPD - 5/25/2020
A: Yes, you'd want to call customer service at 866-766-5243.
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Answer provided by: Discount Salt Pool (5/26/2020)

Q: Will this effect the Water Flow Rate? because I have a chlorinator that needs a minimum WFR to work and its installed after this.

Asked by: Gary Cox - 11/11/2021
A: This allows a flow rate from 13-132 GPM, and if it has an impact on flow it seems pretty negligible (unlike your main filter).
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Answer provided by: Bill (11/11/2021)

Q: Also, we do not have nor want salt pool. I presume the cyclonic product works with both salt and regular forms of chlorination?

Asked by: Dennett - 5/6/2022
A: This works with virtually any swimming pool, but a "salt pool" is just a pool that uses a electronic chlorine generator which can sanitize the water at a fraction of the cost that traditional chlorine costs, provides much greater reliability, and provides higher water quality with less of a caustic "chlorine effect". There's a good reason why the majority of new pools use chlorine generators! You can see more about that here: Let us know what questions you might have! 866-766-5243
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Answer provided by: Discount Salt Pool (5/6/2022)

Q: Would product remove sediment that is so fine it passes thru cartridge (sta rite) filter, say down to less than .5-1 micron? (Problem after Calif. fire season.) Thanks

Asked by: Dennett - 5/6/2022
A: The TJ16 Typhoon cyclonic pre-filter is rated to be effective at removing 96% of all heavier than dirt particulate down to 30 Microns, and 75% down to 20 Microns. It can capture debris as small as 5 microns.
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Answer provided by: Discount Salt Pool (5/6/2022)

Q: I am running a test system with high algae content. I want to remove fines, but not necessarily all the algae. Can your cyclonic separator be run without the filter cartridge?

Asked by: Dave - 1/22/2020
A: Sure, this doesn't include a filter cartridge and if you don't want one then that would be a pretty common situation when used for aquaponics or something similiar.
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Answer provided by: Nathan (1/23/2020)

Q: My problem is spruce evergreen needles . I cogs hair trap . Could or should the typhoon .be installed before the pump hair catcher ?

Asked by: paul donrovich - 12/21/2020
A: This goes after the pump and before the main filter. The pump's strainer basket is meant to capture the biggest debris.
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Answer provided by: Brandon (12/21/2020)

Q: I have a VS pump that runs from midnight until 1900 hours every day. Most of the time it is running 2400 RPMs. What is the optimum speed for this filter to be effective?

Asked by: BruceM. - 5/28/2022
A: Bruce, this prefilter is rated for flow rates between 13 and 130 gallons per minute - an extremely wide operation range. They are commonly used with vs pumps.
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Answer provided by: Discount Salt Pool (5/29/2022)