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CircuPool SJ-35 Salt Chlorine Generator
CircuPool SJ35 Saltwater Chlorinator System

CircuPool SJ-35 Salt Chlorine Generator

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CircuPool SJ35, Complete Salt Pool System with 3-Year Limited Warranty, for up to 35,000 gallon pools
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Power: 1.4 lbs/day
3 Year Limited Warranty
10000 Hours Rated Lifespan
35000 Gallons Max Capacity
Does not require acid to clean the cell!
3000 - 4000 ppm

The CircuPool SJ-35 saltwater chlorine generator provides simple worry-free operation and industry-leading value. SJ-35 units work with existing pump and filtration systems to reliably supply swimming pools with pure chlorine every day. The CircuPool SJ-35 works at a low salt level and creates a silky soft feeling in pool water to provide the ultimate swimming experience. Max capacity: 35,000 gallons.

Available DIY Adapter Kit for Hayward or Pentair models allows for a simple and quick conversion from Aqua Rite or IntelliChlor models.

The complete 2nd-Generation CircuPool SJ-35 salt system has three main components: the Control Module, the Electrolytic Cell, and the Flow Switch, along with its miscellaneous hardware, cleaning tool, and documentation.


  • Clear Titanium Cell, with a leading 3-Year Limited Warranty.
  • Simple, reliable, and proven. Monitors performance and system status, while operating on the widest salinity range available.
  • Incredibly easy maintenance! No acid necessary for cleaning the cell.
  • CircuPool products are backed by USA-Based Expert Support & USA-Based Factory Warranty


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Q: what is the difference between SJ & the RJ systems?

Asked by: Bill - 3/6/2017
A: Great question. Beside the main differences in power and lifespan, here are a few of the things that set them apart once they are in your hands:

The SJ models are very simple, easy-to-use systems. They have status lights that verify the unit is working, tell you at what power level it is set, and whether you need to clean the cell or add salt to the pool. Because it is simple there is less to think about, it is particularly low maintenance (no acid is required to clean the cell), and it is also less expensive.

The RJ and RJ+ models are the flagship systems. They are more powerful and longer lasting. They have a digital screen and touch keypad, giving you more control and diagnostics. It displays the salinity level in real time, calculates the running average, displays the water temperature, and displays the electronic performance levels of the cell so you can see exactly how things are working. The power levels on the RJ models can be turned up and down in smaller increments. RJ models also synchronize more easily with variable-speed pumps if you plan to upgrade.

So the SJ gives you simplicity and a huge value, and the RJ gives you top of the line performance and control.
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Answer provided by: Nathan (3/8/2017)

Q: My pool is right at about 20,000 gallons according to my calculations. Will the sj-20 be be able to produce enough chlorine keep my pool clear running approximately 8-10 hours a day in the Dallas Tx. area?

Asked by: Charles - 5/9/2017
A: No, the sizes of salt chlorinators are listed at their absolute MAXIMUM rating, so you would want to look at the next larger size at least. The larger the system, the longer it will last, the better experience you'll have with it, and the more bang for the buck you'll get.

Here is some more information about system sizing:
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Answer provided by: Nathan (5/9/2017)

Q: I have an above ground pool and my pump uses 110v power, will this work for me?

Asked by: Linda - 3/27/2017
A: Yes, this system can work with either 220v or 110v power. It is set at the factory to accept 220v, which is most common for pools. However, it is made so you can easily change it to accept 110v by following the printed directions. Unlike a motor, it won't work any better or worse on either voltage, you only want to match what your pump uses so they can work on the same circuit together.
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Answer provided by: Tom (3/27/2017)

Q: What is required for installation on an inground pool with existing chlorinator? Also, exactly where on the pool plumbing is it installed? And level of expertise required for installation? Thanks!

Asked by: Alicia - 5/4/2017
A: You will replace you existing chlorinator with this system. Installation is fairly basic, many people do it themselves in about an hour. You will glue the cell in the plumbing after the pump and filter (where your chlorinator is), and hang the control​ box nearby. You can also easily call for support with any questions.
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Answer provided by: Nathan (5/6/2017)

Q: Is it self cleaning ? Where are the plates made?

Asked by: bruce - 3/21/2018
A: Yes, like all modern systems, the SJ series is self cleaning, also called reverse-polarity. Additionally, it is one of the few models out there that doesn't require any acid at all to clean the cell, which can make things much easier on you.
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Answer provided by: Discount Salt Pool (3/22/2018)

Q: where can I find instructions on cleaning the electrolytic cell?

Asked by: Joeterrill - 11/5/2017
A: The manual includes cleaning instructions, which is quick and simple using the cleaning tool.
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Answer provided by: Lydia (11/6/2017)

Q: what is minumin water flow needed for the sj 20 to work?

Asked by: mark - 11/16/2017
A: The minimum flow varies with a few particulars for your pool, but most salt systems need around 20-30 gpm. It's easy with this system, because the cell is clear. The whole goal is just to make sure the cell filled with water when your pump is running, which is not typically an issue unless there is a pump problem, or you use a very low-flow pump.
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Answer provided by: Steve (11/16/2017)

Q: What will I need to connect this to my Hayward pool filter system?

Asked by: jess - 2/21/2018
A: Really the only thing you need besides this system is a couple of 90 degree elbow PVC fittings that you will get from the hardware store. It doesn't typically matter what brand pump and filter you already have, this just goes in addition to them in the plumbing.
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Answer provided by: Kent (2/27/2018)

Q: Can this be used on a above ground pool?

Asked by: Rusty - 6/14/2018
A: Yes, this can be used in both above ground and in ground pools.
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Answer provided by: David (6/14/2018)

Q: I have a 10000 gal pool and was looking at SJ-15 up to max 16000 gala, what are pro cons of upgrading to SJ-20?

Asked by: georgia bankston - 2/21/2018
A: You always want to over-size as much as possible within your budget. A larger system just means that you will get more for your money, have a better experience with your pool, and make your equipment last longer. There really isn't much of a downside. For a little more info, you can read this:
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Answer provided by: Discount Salt Pool (2/21/2018)