RJ Series Products

RJ-Series models are complete DIY-friendly salt pool systems that allow you to generate chlorine to suit your pool’s needs.
For smaller pools, the RJ-20 has a maximum capacity of 20,000 gallons.
The RJ-30 offers great efficiency and great value for most backyard pools, with a maximum capacity of 30,000 gallons.
Larger pools or more demanding pools can stay clean with the help of the RJ-45, with a maximum capacity of 45,000 gallons.
One of the most powerful residential chlorine generators, the RJ-60 has a maximum capacity of 60,000 gallons.
The RJ series has a salt chlorine generator to fit the needs of almost any swimming pool. If you’d like to upgrade to this model but have any questions, including which size is right for you, don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re always happy to fill you in on information and help clear things up.

What does the RJ series offer?

Salt pool systems in general provide some of the best swimming experiences around. Clear water, no chemical irritation, and far less expense or maintenance than traditional chlorination. So what helps the RJ series stand out among other salt chlorine generators?

High-Powered Sanitation

RJ models offer high chlorine output specs. That’s the true measure of salt system capacity. High chlorine output means maximum effectiveness.

Long Warranty

With one of the longest warranties in the industry, RJ salt chlorinators have long lasting cells that keep more money in your pocket.

Minimal Effort Required

Those used to throwing hours of their lives into maintaining chlorine levels of the pool will be pleased to discover how simple it is with an RJ salt chlorinator. Just a bit of salt keeps things going for a long time.

The RJ series offers every pool owner an excellent way to convert to a salt water system. With its high specs, it's also a common choice for people who need an upgrade. Whether you’re new to salt pools or have owned one for years, there’s a lot that goes into the choice of a salt chlorinator. The experts at Discount Salt Pools are always here to help guide you through a decision on the RJ series or another line.

Discover whether the RJ series works for you

The Salt Pool Experts on the RJ Series

It’s important for us at Discount Salt Pool that our customers feel informed. Whether you are a pool owner or professional, we hope that you can benefit from the salt pool knowledge we are able to provide. Our years of experience with salt pool chlorinators prepares us to offer advice and expertise on just about every line of products from CircuPool and other brands, including the RJ series.

Factory Direct Pricing

Lots of factors go into the decision of a salt chlorine generator. One thing we know our customers are always looking for though is the best price. While you may think that getting better quality always means paying more, we at DSP know that this isn’t always the case when it comes to your pool system. Our knowledge of the pool equipment market can help you find what is truly the best price for the system that has higher specs and works for you. Finding the right option for your budget as well as your other pool ownership considerations means happy swimming all around.

Your Salt Pool Experts

The expertise we can offer to customers means a better experience down the road for you as a pool owner. Our salt pool experts are all highly knowledgeable and able to help you determine the salt system that best suits your specific situation. When you’ve made your decision and placed an order, you can expect the delivery in only 2-3 business days for most popular models.

Professional & Knowledgeable

Keeping the pool clean and well-maintained doesn’t have to be difficult. We, as pool owners ourselves, understand the struggle, but want you to be able to get full enjoyment out of your pool. We hope our salt chlorinators make it easy. If you need any more help with the RJ series, our experts are happy to help. Just get in touch to discuss.

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