CircuPool RJ-60 PLUS Salt Chlorine Generator
CircuPool RJ60+ Saltwater Chlorinator System

CircuPool RJ-60 PLUS Salt Chlorine Generator

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CircuPool RJ-60 PLUS, Complete Salt Pool System with 7-Year Limited Warranty, for up to 60,000 gallon pools
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Power: 3.1 lbs/day
7 Year Limited Warranty
15000 Hours Rated Lifespan
60000 Gallons Max Capacity
2800 - 4500 ppm

The CircuPool RJ60 PLUS is a saltwater chlorine generator with advanced, third-generation salt pool technology. RJ PLUS models feature electrolytic titanium cells with rare-earth minerals, providing an extended-lifespan cell (as much as 50% longer than other leading brands).

The electronic salt chlorinator works with all existing pump and filtration systems to reliably supply the swimming pool with pure chlorine every single day! The RJ60 PLUS has a 60,000 gallons max capacity. The RJ-PLUS series system uses low salt levels and helps create a silky soft feeling in the pool water, for the ultimate swimming experience.

The complete RJ-PLUS salt system from CircuPool features three main components: the Control Module, the Electrolytic Cell, and the Flow Switch, along with the usual miscellaneous hardware and documentation for install.

The RJ PLUS-Series will replace Hayward® Aqua Rite® systems with no cutting or gluing, making it a snap to upgrade your salt pool system!

  • USA Titanium Cell, with industry-leading 7-Year Limited Warranty.
  • 3rd-Generation system, combining the best in advanced technology with a reliable and proven track record.
  • Cell has industry-leading lifespan (as much as 50% longer lasting). Longer cell-life means even greater savings over the years.

*Please note CircuPool products are not affiliated with Hayward Industries, Inc. The use of such trademarks herein is for informational purposes only, and the product(s) are not those of Hayward Industries Inc., but rather are simply compatible with the referenced Hayward product.


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Q: what is the difference between SJ & the RJ systems?

Asked by: Bill - 3/6/2017
A: Great question. Beside the main differences in power and lifespan, here are a few of the things that set them apart once they are in your hands:

The SJ models are very simple, easy-to-use systems. They have status lights that verify the unit is working, tell you at what power level it is set, and whether you need to clean the cell or add salt to the pool. Because it is simple there is less to think about, it is particularly low maintenance (no acid is required to clean the cell), and it is also less expensive.

The RJ and RJ+ models are the flagship systems. They are more powerful and longer lasting. They have a digital screen and touch keypad, giving you more control and diagnostics. It displays the salinity level in real time, calculates the running average, displays the water temperature, and displays the electronic performance levels of the cell so you can see exactly how things are working. The power levels on the RJ models can be turned up and down in smaller increments. RJ models also synchronize more easily with variable-speed pumps if you plan to upgrade.

So the SJ gives you simplicity and a huge value, and the RJ gives you top of the line performance and control.
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Answer provided by: Nathan (3/8/2017)

Q: If I install the RJ-60 unit myself will the warranty still be valid ?

Asked by: derek - 7/1/2017
A: Yes, unlike some other brands, there is no warranty penalty if you install it yourself.
Was this answer helpful?  23 of 25 Customer(s) found this Answer helpful.
Answer provided by: Discount Salt Pool (7/3/2017)

Q: I have variable speed pump that has its own controller, so it is powered on all the time. Can I connect the CircuPool system to continous power and let the flow sensor determine when the system should generate chlorine? Otherwise I would need to manually coordinate a timer so that the CircuPool only comes on when the pump is running, and I'd rather not do that.

Asked by: Rodge - 8/15/2018
A: Yes, what you describe is that standard way to coordinate a programmable pump and a salt chlorinator with a flow switch, that's common and works fine.
Was this answer helpful?  13 of 13 Customer(s) found this Answer helpful.
Answer provided by: Nathan (8/16/2018)

Q: I live in Southern California and have a 30k gallon pool with a minor algae problem. Would I be better with the rj-45 plus or rj-60 plus?

Asked by: Paul - 7/17/2017
A: There are typically only benefits to getting larger size systems. Given the right conditions, especially during problems which cause algae, the amount of chlorine a pool can require can quickly multiply. A "larger" system basically can create more chlorine in a shorter amount of time to help take care of potential problems. Then, under normal circumstances, you use less of its capacity which puts less wear-and-tear on it and helps it last longer.
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Answer provided by: Kirk (7/17/2017)

Q: Does this unit run on 120 or 240 volts?

Asked by: Rick - 3/23/2017
A: This unit can work on either voltage. Most pools utilize 220V, so the default setting for this salt chlorinator is 220V, however instructions show you how to change the input power setting to 110V if that is what you need. For this equipment, there is no advantage to either voltage, you just want to match what your pump is using.
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Answer provided by: Nathan (3/24/2017)

Q: How long is the power cord on the cell?

Asked by: Floyd - 3/5/2017
A: The cord that goes from the Electrolytic Cell to the Control Module is approximately 14 feet in length.
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Answer provided by: Jordan (3/8/2017)

Q: Would you install a 220 plug where unit can be plugged into the wall??

Asked by: Bill - 7/16/2017
A: Usually, most people have a 220V pump that is hooked up to a timer, which has screw terminals that bare wires get fastened to, and a saltwater chlorinator gets hooked up to the same terminals as the pump. It would be pretty atypical to have a 220V-syle plug like an electrical oven or clothes dryer uses. People with pools that only have 110V power available often set their salt chlorinator up to work on 110V and add a plug to its wire that can be inserted into a standard household outlet.
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Answer provided by: Bryan (7/17/2017)

Q: What length of pipe is needed on the return line to accommodate installation of the RJ-60?

Asked by: Henning - 6/15/2018
A: Depending on your set up, I would give yourself 14-18". If you have a tight space, the ""Vertical Installation Kit" brings the system's space requirement down to about 7".
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Answer provided by: David (6/16/2018)

Q: What is the current draw of the unit at 100% (max current in amps)? I assume it is linear to the output %.

Asked by: dpjkw - 4/13/2018
A: On the label it's rated for about 2 amps when timing on standard 220v. These are very low power systems.
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Answer provided by: James (4/13/2018)

Q: What is the maximum amp draw of the RJ-60 Plus @ 240V?

Asked by: Ironman - 5/31/2018
A: The sticker on the side puts the amps at 1.25A at 240V.
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Answer provided by: Craig (6/1/2018)