CircuPool® RJ-45 PLUS Replacement Cell
CircuPool® RJ-45 PLUS Replacement Cell

CircuPool® RJ-45 PLUS Replacement Cell

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Part Number: RJ45N-RC
CircuPool® RJ-45 PLUS Replacement Cell
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Power: 2.0 lbs/day
7 Year Limited Warranty
15000 Hours Rated Lifespan
45000 Gallons Max Capacity

The CircuPool RJ-45 PLUS replacement cell is compatible with all new RJ-Series Control Modules (for use with 3rd-generation systems only, not RJ-Classic or RJ-g). For use with pools up to 45,000 gallons. (Includes Electrode, Clear Housing, and Cell Cord) 7-Year limited warranty.


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Q: what is the different between RJ 45 and RJ 45 Plus? My cell ( I am in need to replace ) says: J45

Asked by: Nick Berg - 9/27/2017
A: The RJ45 Plus is about 25% longer lasting than the regular RJ45, and has a longer warranty to match. Both have the same chlorine output power, and can be used interchangeably (you just need to change the "cell type" setting in the control box menu).
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Answer provided by: Discount Salt Pool (9/27/2017)

Q: Is the "low salt" and "high salt" determined in the RJ-45 Plus salt generating cell? I have lately have had the controller show "low salt" and "check cell" and I have carefully cleaned the cell as instructed 3 times in the last 4 weeks. After cleaning, it show the salt at approx 3500 and everything is fine...for 3 to 5 days and then it again shows "low salt" and "check cell". Is the problem with the cell or the Control Module. I have had the system since early June of 2017. When it is working, the chlorine generation is great (usually set at 55%), but as soon as the "low salt" and "check cell" signals, I get little to no salt until I clean the cell. I can't believe the cell needs replacing, unless it's due to errors that are not related to needing cleaning. Please advise.

Asked by: Dave Chance - 6/14/2020
A: That is a tell-tale sign of a "High Saturation Index" water chemistry situation. When the salt system reads low and requires cleaning, it is at the mercy of that water balance. You'll need to clean it as frequently as needed for now, but you can get it back to normal and have much less frequent cleanings.
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Answer provided by: Pool Chemistry Pro (6/22/2020)

Q: Are the power centers matched to the cells? In other words, if I buy an RJ 30 Plus, can I upgrade the cell in the future with an RJ 45 Plus cell for example?

Asked by: George - 8/19/2020
A: The power center allows the cells to be interchangeable, the electronic cell type setting changes to allow the correct amount of power to be sent to the cell.
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Answer provided by: Nathan (8/19/2020)

Q: I have RJ 45 going into its third summer use, how can you check that its still working? Scrolling through the menu everything looks the same as in years past. What is an easy way to test it?

Asked by: John Halliday - 4/12/2021
A: In the link below, the section that starts on page 6 is a thorough way to check that your system's operation, but its really easier than that - if you're not getting any warning lights you can be pretty confident that the system is working normally.
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Answer provided by: Discount Salt Pool (4/12/2021)

Q: I have an RJ 45 system that is now 10 years old. It seems to work fine but weather took its toll on the power cord. Will a new cell be needed and is it compatible with the power center?

Asked by: Brett Conlin - 5/9/2023
A: Based on the age you describe, its possible you may have a previous generation model than the product you are asking about. The RJ-Plus cell on this page has a cell cable which is permanently attached to the cell, and plugs into the control module. RJ "Classic" models have the cable which is meant to connect to the cell as a permanently attached part of the control module, but there parts that can be used to replace a portion or all of that older style cable. I would recommend calling manufacturer support at 888-206-9938 to determine what you have and what you might need.
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Answer provided by: Robert (5/10/2023)