CircuPool INDIGO3-XL Ozone Generator for Swimming Pools
INDIGO3 Ozone Generator and assembled Venturi Manifold

CircuPool INDIGO3-XL Ozone Generator for Swimming Pools

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CircuPool INDIGO3-XL ozone generator provide the ultra-pure water quality, and reduce pool sanitation demand by up to 60-90%

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3 Year Limited Warranty
20000 Hours Rated Lifespan
Heavy-use residential pools
Power: 2.5-3 g/hr
Reduces Chemical Demand

The CircuPool INDIGO3-XL ozone generator will take your salt pool to the next level - get an extreme clean and high-definition water clarity. The INDIGO3-XL ozone generator reduces the need for chlorination by up to 60-90%, while killing 99.99% of viruses, parasites, bacteria - even chlorine-resistant pathogens. The INDIGO3-XL ozone pool system makes it easy to have the safest, clearest, most pure pool water possible, while also greatly extending the lifespan of your salt pool system.

The CircuPool INDIGO3-XL ozone generator is built to last, and installation is simple - hang the ozone generator unit on the wall, plug it into a standard outlet or timer, and connect it to the plumbing manifold with the included tubing and quick-clamp connections. Ideal for light use residential pools.

  • Go beyond clean with complete broad-spectrum sanitation
    • Ozone is fast-acting to kill microorganisms and remove impurities. It even eliminates many chlorine-resistant contaminants, complementing the superior clean of salt chlorine generation and offering even higher levels of sanitation
  • Remarkably crystal-clear water
    • Ozone causes microparticles that impact water clarity to bind together, allowing your filter to remove them and leaving you with pristine, noticeably clearer water
  • Improve your salt cell efficiency
    • Salt water chlorination is necessary to provide long lasting, residual sanitation, but ozone significantly lightens your salt cell’s workload improving its lifespan.
  • Enjoy the purest water around
    • Together with a salt system, ozone creates the highest level of pure & clean water — comparable to other high-end pool systems that cost many thousands more!

CircuPool products are backed by USA-Based Expert Support & USA-Based Factory Warranty


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Q & A

Q: Can the CircuPool INDIGO3-XL Ozone Venturi manifold be installed vertically?

Asked by: Joe - 11/19/2020
A: Yes, it will work just as well if its oriented vertically.
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Answer provided by: Nathan (11/19/2020)

Q: Does this work with salt and changes it to chlorine

Asked by: Margsret - 6/21/2021
A: The INDIGO3-XL system does work with a salt pool, but no it is not a chlorine generator, it is an ozone generator.

You would use this item in addition to a salt chlorine generator, to boost your pool's ability to stay clean, boost your water clarity, & to protect from chlorine-resistant microorganisms.

You can see salt chlorine generators here:
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Answer provided by: Discount Salt Pool (6/21/2021)

Q: Does this still create ozone, even if the water does not have chlorine/salt in it?

Asked by: Elijah - 11/17/2022
A: Yes, this infuses ozone regardless of your primary sanitation method. Since a pool that uses an ozone generator still requires chlorination in some form, there is no better way than to use a salt chlorine generator to achieve that.
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Answer provided by: Kip (11/17/2022)