CircuPool INDIGO3-M Ozone Generator for Swimming Pools
INDIGO3 Ozone Generator and assembled Venturi Manifold

CircuPool INDIGO3-M Ozone Generator for Swimming Pools

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CircuPool INDIGO3-M ozone generator provide the ultra-pure water quality, and reduce pool sanitation demand by up to 60-90%

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3 Year Limited Warranty
20000 Hours Rated Lifespan
Light-use residential pools
Power: 2-2.25 g/hr
Reduces Chemical Demand

The CircuPool INDIGO3-M ozone generator will take your salt pool to the next level - get an extreme clean and high-definition water clarity. The INDIGO3-M ozone generator reduces the need for chlorination by up to 60-90%, while killing 99.99% of viruses, parasites, bacteria - even chlorine-resistant pathogens. The INDIGO3-M ozone pool system makes it easy to have the safest, clearest, most pure pool water possible, while also greatly extending the lifespan of your salt pool system.

The CircuPool INDIGO3-M ozone generator is built to last, and installation is simple - hang the ozone generator unit on the wall, plug it into a standard outlet or timer, and connect it to the plumbing manifold with the included tubing and quick-clamp connections. Ideal for light use residential pools.

  • Go beyond clean with complete broad-spectrum sanitation
    • Ozone is fast-acting to kill microorganisms and remove impurities. It even eliminates many chlorine-resistant contaminants, complementing the superior clean of salt chlorine generation and offering even higher levels of sanitation
  • Remarkably crystal-clear water
    • Ozone causes microparticles that impact water clarity to bind together, allowing your filter to remove them and leaving you with pristine, noticeably clearer water
  • Improve your salt cell efficiency
    • Salt water chlorination is necessary to provide long lasting, residual sanitation, but ozone significantly lightens your salt cell’s workload improving its lifespan.
  • Enjoy the purest water around
    • Together with a salt system, ozone creates the highest level of pure & clean water — comparable to other high-end pool systems that cost many thousands more!

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Q: Should the water get cloudy after the first couple weeks of running it?

Asked by: Crystal - 4/24/2023
A: Yes! The instructions say to expect this, even if your pool is looks completely clean to start. This is actually a benefit: the ozone is causing fine particles to clump together, which will allow your filter to capture and remove them. This will leave you with much clearer water than you had before.
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Answer provided by: Discount Salt Pool (4/24/2023)