CORE Series Replacement Cell Models

CircuPool offers high quality replacement cells for the CORE Series. The series comes in three different sizes, allowing you to choose the best cell for your system. Make it easy to keep your pool clean with a high power replacement cell.
The CORE15 is the original manufacturer equipment (OEM) salt cell that comes with CircuPool CORE15 salt pool systems with a max capacity of 15,000 gallons.
The CORE35 is the OEM salt cell that comes with CircuPool CORE35 salt pool systems with a max capacity of 35,000 gallons.
The CORE55 is the OEM salt cell that comes with CircuPool CORE55 salt pool systems with a max capacity of 55,000 gallons.

What do CORE Series replacement cells offer?

Finding the right replacement cell is a fairly easy process given the guaranteed compatibility of these CORE cells. Getting the best deal on a long-lasting replacement cell will maximize what makes salt systems so nice in the first place: spending less by eliminating chlorine chemicals and ensuring low maintenance so you can spend more time enjoying the pool.

Plug-and-Play Perfect Fit

As long as you pick the right size model, you’re guaranteed to have a compatible replacement cell with original CircuPool equipment. Not sure which size you currently have? Check the label on the Control Module, or give us a call for help.

Only Verified, High-Quality Options

We make sure that we only offer high quality, fully supported replacement cells. Sometimes aftermarket options sacrifice quality or don’t have any warranty support in the US, so we only carry cells that provide the best value & experience for our customers.

Cost Effective

Correctly-sized salt cells typically last many years, and they fully replace the need for chlorine, shock, and algaecide when it comes to your pool care, which translates to real money saved and a clean, comfortable pool.

The equipment you choose for your saltwater pool can truly shape your pool enjoyment experience. We at DSP want you to be able to feel confident in your decisions. This is why we are happy to carry the CircuPool brand and to make sure you have all your options to make your pool ownership experience easier and more enjoyable. Dive into your research - if you have questions, we’ll gladly help guide you through the process of finding compatible equipment and upgrades from across all brands.

Get expert help in minutes.

The Salt Pool Experts on CORE Series Replacement Cells

We aim to keep customers informed. By helping customers choose the right products for their salt pool system, every expert at Discount Salt Pool offers access to our salt pool knowledge in an effort to support a better salt pool experience. After providing replacement cells for decades, we’ve got more than enough experience to help you figure out which cells and products will be compatible and well suited for your pool’s salt system. Looking for more info about CORE Series replacement cells or alternatives? Give us a call to learn about your options.

Factory Direct Pricing

When it comes to salt pools, salt cells are the only part of your chlorine generator that needs to be regularly replaced. Of course, with a quality cell that matches your sizing needs, it should still last for 3-7 years or even more before it needs to be replaced. This adds to the economical value of a salt pool system. We extend our knowledge of the salt pool equipment industry to all of our customers, and our years in the business make it possible to offer factory direct costs which helps people find the best prices for their equipment.

Your Salt Pool Experts

Nobody wants to be stuck waiting for a crucial component, most of all when it’s keeping you from enjoying your pool. With an expansive network, we’ve developed good relationships throughout the salt pool industry, and we’re able to deliver most popular brands in as few as 2-3 business days.

Professional & Knowledgeable

Keeping the pool clean and well-maintained doesn’t have to be difficult. We, as pool owners ourselves, understand the struggle, but want you to be able to get full enjoyment out of your pool. We hope our salt chlorinators make it easy. If you need any more help with the CORE Series replacement cells, our experts are happy to help. Just get in touch to discuss.

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