Autopilot PPC4 Replacement Salt Cell (for RC-52, SC-60 cells)
Genuine Pool Pilot Replacement Cell for all SC-60, RC-52, or PPC4 Autopilot Models

Autopilot PPC4 Replacement Salt Cell (for RC-52, SC-60 cells)

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Genuine OEM Replacement PPC-4 Salt Cell for the Autopilot Pool Pilot Digital (PPM4) salt chlorine generator, 60,000 gallon max capacity.

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Power: 2.0 lbs/day
2 Year Limited Warranty
10000 Hours Rated Lifespan
60000 Gallons Max Capacity

The PPC4 replacement cell is compatible with all Pool Pilot Total Control, Pool Pilot Digital, and Soft Touch chlorine generators. The PPC4 salt cell is the factory original replacement cell model designed to easily drop in place and allow you to replace your old PPC4 cell in minutes. This cell is made to meet or exceed original factory specs and has 100% guaranteed compatibility.

Replacing the Autopilot PPC4 cell will allow your salt chlorine generator to begin chlorinating again if your old PPC4 salt cell has been depleted. The PPC4 cell sanitizes your swimming pool in an eco-friendly and cost-efficient way, and also helps provide a luxurious swimming experience without the eye irritation and dry skin.

Important: Autopilot recommends that the cell connector cord be replaced when the salt cell is replaced, in order to ensure warranty coverage. See related products below.


When replacing your Autopilot salt cell, take this opportunity to make sure it is sized correctly. Sizing your salt cell properly is key to making sure you will not need to supplement with additional chlorine or shock your pool, and also extends the lifespan of your cell.The industry recommends using a salt cell with a max capacity of 1.5-2 times the actual size of your pool (more is better). The PPC-4 is manufacturer rated for a maximum capacity of 50,000 gallons.


This replacement salt cell for the Autopilot Pool Pilot Digital is 100% compatible with original systems (no software/firmware issues). The PPC-4 cell has the same length, threading, and cable connection for direct replacement. This 13-blade salt cell is the replacement for older systems previously named Autopilot RC-52, SC-60, and AP-60.

Autopilot Cell Compatibility Chart:

Current Cell






Old Cell















To get the most life out of your salt cell and to keep your pool running without unexpected interruptions, make sure it is sized correctly, maintain correct water balance, and be sure and inspect your cell at least every 3 months for leaks, debris, and calcium scale. Be sure to follow instructions in the product manual and clean the cell as often as the system indicates.


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Q: my salt pool is 16000 gallons do I really need a 60000 gallon salt cell?

Asked by: mike swick - 5/20/2020
A: The industry rule of thumb is one and a half to two times your actual pool size. However an even larger system just works less hard to do the same job, so it last you longer, and then you can turn it up higher when you need it. That usually translates to a better value and a better experience.
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Answer provided by: Nathan (5/20/2020)

Q: My autopilot cord has 3 holes and my rc 52 has 3 pins.I only see 2 on your autopilot replacement cell?

Asked by: Les - 9/1/2021
A: Autopilot has changed the design over the years, but they are compatible. If you have an unused hole, it comes with a "plug" for that port. Autopilot recommends replacing the cord at the same time as the cell though, so you might just take the opportunity to get the latest cord as well.
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Answer provided by: Vince (9/1/2021)

Q: I have the PPC3 cell in my system now w/13,500 pool. Is the the PPC4 overall height the same as the PPC3 ? I want to buy the PPC4 to run at lower % output to extend the life of the cell from the life I get out of the PPC3.

Asked by: Jack - 5/25/2022
A: They are the same physical size, the number of titanium plates inside and controller setting is what is different. A more powerful cell is a big benefit as you mention.
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Answer provided by: Steve (5/25/2022)