Autopilot® Total Control PPC3 (RC-42) Chlorine Generator
All-in-one control over chlorine and pH!

Autopilot® Total Control PPC3 (RC-42) Chlorine Generator

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Autopilot® Total Control PPC3 (RC-42) Chlorine Generator

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Power: 1.56 lbs/day
2 Year Limited Warranty
10000 Hours Rated Lifespan
50000 Gallons Max Capacity

No other salt chlorine system comes packed with features like the AutoPilot Total Control System. Maintaining your pool has never been easier! For pools up to 50,000 gallons.

Total Control systems measure chlorine (ORP) and pH, and actively make adjustments to keep your pool in perfect balance! There's no better way to make your pool as hands-off as possible. A must-have for vacation homes, condos, hotels, or other commercial properties.

The Pool Pilot Digital is a technologically advanced unit, with microprocessor controls, digital display of pool water temperature, current salt level, chlorine production level, soft-reverse cell cleaning cycle, and boost cycle. The easy-to-read digital readout on the control unit even tells you how much salt to add if the salinity level ever gets low enough. The Pool Pilot Digital has a patented temperature compensation feature that actually adjusts chlorine production according to the demands of the water temperature, and operates in water temperatures up to 104F. It has a built-in time clock to control your pool pump...all at the touch of a button.

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