Autopilot PPC3 Replacement Salt Cell (for RC-42, SC-48 cells)
Genuine Pool Pilot Replacement Cell for all SC-48, RC-42, or PPC3 Autopilot Models

Autopilot PPC3 Replacement Salt Cell (for RC-42, SC-48 cells)

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Part Number: PPC3/RC-42-RC

Genuine OEM Replacement PPC-3 Salt Cell for the Autopilot Pool Pilot Digital (PPM3) salt chlorine generator, 50,000 gallon max capacity.

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Power: 1.56 lbs/day
2 Year Limited Warranty
10000 Hours Rated Lifespan
50000 Gallons Max Capacity

The PPC3 replacement cell is compatible with all Pool Pilot Total Control, Pool Pilot Digital, and Soft Touch chlorine generators. The PPC3 salt cell is the factory original replacement cell model designed to easily drop in place and allow you to replace your old PPC3 cell in minutes. This cell is made to meet or exceed original factory specs and has 100% guaranteed compatibility.

Replacing the Autopilot PPC3 cell will allow your salt chlorine generator to begin chlorinating again if your old PPC3 salt cell has been depleted. The PPC3 cell sanitizes your swimming pool in an eco-friendly and cost-efficient way, and also helps provide a luxurious swimming experience without the eye irritation and dry skin.

Get up to $75 Rebate via Autopilot's rebate form

Important: Autopilot recommends that the cell connector cord be replaced when the salt cell is replaced, in order to ensure warranty coverage. See related products below.


When replacing your Autopilot salt cell, take this opportunity to make sure it is sized correctly. Sizing your salt cell properly is key to making sure you will not need to supplement with additional chlorine or shock your pool, and also extends the lifespan of your cell.The industry recommends using a salt cell with a max capacity of 1.5-2 times the actual size of your pool (more is better). The PPC-3 is manufacturer rated for a maximum capacity of 50,000 gallons.


This replacement salt cell for the Autopilot Pool Pilot Digital is 100% compatible with original systems (no software/firmware issues). The PPC-3 cell has the same length, threading, and cable connection for direct replacement. This 7-blade salt cell is the replacement for older systems previously named Autopilot RC-42, SC-48, and AP-48.

Autopilot Cell Compatibility Chart:

Current Cell






Old Cell















To get the most life out of your salt cell and to keep your pool running without unexpected interruptions, make sure it is sized correctly, maintain correct water balance, and be sure and inspect your cell at least every 3 months for leaks, debris, and calcium scale. Be sure to follow instructions in the product manual and clean the cell as often as the system indicates.


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Q: last year I purchased a RC-42 and its already telling me that I cant get it to clean. I use murica acid and its not cleaning it.. what do you suggest its only 1 year old?

Asked by: Dianne Dockins - 4/19/2018
A: Depending on the exact error message, check this guide for the Autopilot Digital systems:
If doing the normal troubleshooting procedures doesn't fix thing, I would recommend calling factory support in case there is a larger issue: 727-823-5642
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Answer provided by: Glen (4/19/2018)

Q: What is the power (DC or AC, voltage and amperage) for the PPC3 replacement salt cell?

Asked by: Bob Z - 5/14/2019
A: For Autopilot systems:

Their input power from the power source is 1.5 AC amps at 220VAC / 3.0 AC amps at 110VAC.

Their output power to the cell is 5 DC amps at "Cell Power 1", 6.5 DC amps at "Cell Power 2", and 8 DC amps at "Cell Power 3".

For this model, the voltage to the cell is 20-24VDC amps at "Cell Power 1", 24-27VDC at "Cell Power 2", and 27-28VDC at "Cell Power 3".
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Answer provided by: Russell (5/14/2019)

Q: hi i have a 20000 gallon pool .what type of salt generator would i need?

Asked by: ralph ramkissoon - 3/13/2021
A: The rule of thumb for salt system sizing is to make sure you have about 1.5x to 2x the capacity system than your actual pool size. You can see more info on that here:

Based on your pool size, you may want to start looking at some of these systems:
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Answer provided by: Discount Salt Pool (3/15/2021)

Q: What 3 hole cord goes with a ppc-3 cell

Asked by: DON GERTZMAN - 4/9/2021
A: If you have a Autopilot Digital controller, this is the cord:
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Answer provided by: Carlos (4/9/2021)

Q: I have a ppc 1 salt cell now can I up grade to a ppc 3 salt clell

Asked by: Troy Atkisson - 6/30/2022
A: If you have a DIG-220 controller, yes it can work with the larger cell types.
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Answer provided by: Steve (7/1/2022)

Q: Good morning my autopilot light is blinking and read low amp -cell? What can b the problem thank you

Asked by: Francesco Castelli - 7/6/2022
A: According to the manual, “LOW AMPS – CELL” means that purifier still producing, but these are the possible issues. 1) Low cell amperage from a cell that is heavily scaled. If cell is already clean, replace cell. 2) Pool has low salt and the unit needs salt calibration. Add salt to pool, recalibrate salt sensor. 3) The Cell Cord is Loose. Ensure that the cord is firmly pressed into the cell and the wires properly connected into the banana plugs.
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Answer provided by: James (7/6/2022)

Q: I recently purchased ppc3 salt cell and installed it and working great. I had it on 24 boost and the display was showing cleaning cell for short period of time. Does it clean it self ?

Asked by: Tony Duke - 7/13/2022
A: Salt chlorinators are "reverse polarity", indicating that from time to time they reverse the direction of electric current in the cell. This helps inhibit/slow the build up of mineral scaling inside the cell.
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Answer provided by: Discount Salt Pool (7/13/2022)