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Autopilot Digital PPM3 (RC-42) Electronic Chlorine Generator
Pool Pilot Digital PPM3 (RC-42) Saltwater Chlorinator System

Autopilot Digital PPM3 (RC-42) Electronic Chlorine Generator

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Part Number: DIG-PPM3
AutoPilot Dig-220 PPM3 (RC-42 / SC-48) Complete Salt Pool System with 2-Year Limited Warranty, for up to 42,000 gallon pools
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Power: 1.56 lbs/day
2 Year Limited Warranty
10000 Hours Rated Lifespan
50000 Gallons Max Capacity
2500 - 3500 ppm

The Pool Pilot Digital with PPC3 salt cell is technologically advanced. It controls feature a microprocessor digital display, giving diagnostics of pool water temperature, current salt level, chlorine production level, and allowing a soft-reverse cell cleaning cycle and boost cycle. The VFD digital display on the control unit can be read easily and even tells you how much salt to add if the salinity level ever gets low enough. The Pool Pilot Digital has a patented temperature compensation feature that actually adjusts chlorine production according to the demands of the water temperature, and operates in water temperatures up to 104F. It has a built-in time clock to control your pool pump...all at the touch of a button. For pools up to 50,000 gallons. (Equivalent to older RC-42, SC-48, and AP-250 models)


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Q: Does this unit have a check valve to protect the heater? If not, where should the check valve be installed and how much space is required to install the unit? Thanks.

Asked by: Andy - 5/5/2018
A: A check valve is not typically required on salt systems, as it stops chlorinating as soon as the pump turns off. This system requires slightly over a foot of space for installation.
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Answer provided by: Craig (5/5/2018)

Q: is this compatible with iaqualink?

Asked by: nick apostol - 2/26/2019
A: Not to my knowledge, but while that app is great to give you general pool information and to let you bypass your pump's normal schedule or start your heater, salt chlorinators rarely if ever need that kind of on-the-fly attention. They need to do the same thing everyday alongside your circulation pump, so I'm not sure if I would let that dissuade me from getting a great salt chlorinator with a good CL power output and long lifespan.
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Answer provided by: Craig (2/28/2019)