Waterco Infinium Eco V-270 Variable Speed Pump - 2.7HP
Waterco Infinium Eco V-270 Variable Speed Pump - 2.7HP

Waterco Infinium Eco V-270 Variable Speed Pump - 2.7HP

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Waterco Infinium Eco V270 Energy Efficient Programmable Variable-Speed Swimming Pool Pump
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Power: 2.7THP
2 Year Limited Warranty
fits Super Pump, SuperFlo, and Super Max
Uses up to 90% Less Power!

The Waterco Infinium ECO V-270 Variable Speed Pump is an economical and energy-efficient pool pump designed for residential use. This Infinium ECO variable speed pump offers the potential for substantial energy savings of up to 90% compared to traditional single speed pool pumps. With 3 programmable speed schedules and a manual override feature, you can easily customize the flow rate of the Waterco Infinium ECO variable speed pump for maximum efficiency.

This Infinium ECO variable speed pump features a 2.7 total horsepower motor with variable speed control so that you can adjust the flow rate to match the needs of your swimming pool, reducing energy consumption and operating costs. The Infinium ECO uses a permanent magnet motor, totally enclosed fan-cooled (TEFC) design, ensuring whisper-quiet operation.

The Waterco Infinium ECO V-270 VS speed pump also features a very simple digital control panel and a programmable timer for convenient operation. This durable and reliable variable speed pump is designed for easy installation and is compatible with most pool systems, making it a great choice for your pool maintenance needs. Save money and enjoy peace and quiet with the efficient and customizable Infinium ECO pump.


    Before installing the Waterco Infinium ECO, it is important to consider the following so you can be sure you’ve found the best Waterco variable speed pump for your needs:

  • Compatibility: The Waterco Infinium ECO variable speed pump is a direct drop-in replacement for existing Hayward Super Pump, Pentair SuperFlo, and Sta-Rite Super Max installations.
  • Electrical Requirements: Verify that you have a 230V nominal electrical to the Infinium ECO variable speed pump.
  • Placement: Choose a secure, level location for the pump, making sure to leave enough space for maintenance and service.
  • Ventilation: Ensure that where the pump is installed is not in an small insulated area or without ventilation so as to prevent overheating.
  • Professional Installation: The Infinium ECO variable speed pool pump can be installed by the pool owner without reducing or voiding the warranty. Ensure that a qualified individual installs the pump to ensure proper installation and compliance with local codes.
  • Operating Manual: Carefully read the operating manual before installation to ensure that you understand the features and capabilities of the pump.
  • Maintenance: While regular motor service is not required, regular maintenance is necessary to keep its strainer basket free of debris in order to keep the VSP’s flow rate running efficiently and to extend its lifespan.

  • By taking these factors into consideration, you can ensure a safe and successful installation of your Waterco Infinium ECO V-270 Variable Speed Pump.

Common Questions (See All)

  1. How long can the Waterco Infinium ECO V-270 Variable Speed Pump run on a daily basis?

    The daily run time of an Infinium ECO V-270 pump can run up to 24 hours a day, though its specific settings depend on the size of the pool, the flow rate required for your pool system, and the set speed of the pump. Generally, you will set your VS pump to run at as low as a speed possible, for as long as possible, in order to provide sufficient circulation and water flow, aiming to move all of the water in your pool through your filter 1-2 times per day. By customizing the speed and run time, you can ensure that the pump operates efficiently and cost-effectively, maximizing energy savings and ensuring the pump doesn’t run any harder than necessary. Refer to the manufacturer's specifications and recommendations for the specific model you have or are considering. See question number 3 “What is the Infinium ECO variable speed pump’s flow rate?” for more information about run times and flow rate.

  2. Will Waterco Infinium ECO Variable speed pump be compatible with other brand equipment?

    This pool pump can work independently of any other equipment. If you're a pool owner that has a different brand filter or salt chlorinator, you should not necessarily have any issue using this pool pump. This pump can also be used with most 3rd party digital controllers.

  3. What is the Infinium ECO variable speed pump’s flow rate?

    The flow rate of an Infinium ECO variable speed pump varies based on the motor, the speed setting, and the hydraulic factors of your unique pool setup. The goal of how you set up your Infinium ECO pump’s programming is to achieve flow rates throughout the day to match your pool’s total need for daily circulation, helping to minimize energy consumption and operating costs. The flow rate for this specific pump can range from approximately 10 to 110 gallons per minute (GPM) depending on the speed setting and your pool system’s Total Dynamic Head (TDH), which is resistance to flow. If you know or can estimate your pool’s TDH, look at the pump’s performance curve (see product images) to see the flow rate it can achieve at a chosen speed. Otherwise, a simple approach to optimizing your pump is to install an inexpensive Flow Meter, measure your pump’s flow at its programmed speeds, and then adjust the programming as needed to ensure 1-2 “pool turnovers” through filter each day (example: a 15,000 gallon pool with a pump that runs on a low speed getting 30 gallons/minute flow rate would want to run for no more than 16.6 hours a day to achieve 2 pool turnovers, or 18000 / 30 / 60 x 2 = 16.6).

  4. Is the Waterco Infinium ECO V-270 variable speed pump’s price worth the cost?

    The Infinium ECO is an economical VS pump choice that offers a simple option for a high-efficiency variable speed pump compared to many traditional pumps on the market, allowing for energy savings of up to 90%. If you are looking for a pump that will allow you to optimize your pool system’s water flow while conserving energy and helping you save money on your energy bills, then the Infinium ECO variable speed pump is often worth the investment. This is because its energy-savings over time can often greatly out-weigh the cost of the pump, especially if your current pump is not operation and in need of replacement anyway. However, the final decision of whether the pump is worth the price will depend on your specific needs and budget.

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