TWO-STAGE FILTER SYSTEM (CJ-150 Filter and TJ-16 Pre-Filter)
TWO-STAGE FILTER SYSTEM (CJ-150 Filter and TJ-16 Pre-Filter)

TWO-STAGE FILTER SYSTEM (CJ-150 Filter and TJ-16 Pre-Filter)

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Cyclonic filtration dramatically reduces filter maintenance!

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This filter package offers simplicity and savings! Don't need the cartridge filter? Check out the TJ-16 Typhoon on its own.

STAGE-ONE: The Typhoon pre-filter from CircuPool is the ultimate time-saver. Using your existing pump and filter, the Typhoon turns your ordinary equipment into a sophisticated two-stage filtration system that delivers sparkling clear pool water and all but eliminates filter cleanings. With no moving parts to wear out and no electrical components, the Typhoon literally spins the dust and dirt out of your pool water. Installation is an easy, ten minute do-it-yourself project for most homeowners. The Typhoon mounts on top of your pump so it fits right in to any equipment pad and, the threaded couplings ensure free-flow operation on all pools. Certified salt-pool safe: Compatible with all types of pumps and filters.

STAGE-TWO: The CircuPool CJ-150 Cartridge Filter is compact, dependable, and convenient, providing 150 sq ft of filtration surface area. The CJ-150 will handle pools up to 18,000 gallons by itself - and when teamed up with the CircuPool TJ-16 Typhoon Pre-Filter, will handle up to 30,000 gallons. Best of all, sparkling, crystal-clear water is virtually guaranteed.

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