Speck A91-II Above Ground Variable Speed Pump - 1.1THP - 1.5 in Unions
Speck A91-II with 1.1HP Variable-Speed Motor

Speck A91-II Above Ground Variable Speed Pump - 1.1THP - 1.5 in Unions

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Speck A91-II Energy Efficient Programmable Variable-Speed Swimming Pool Pump for Aboveground Pools
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The Speck A91-II Aboveground Variable Speed Pump is a great solution for large above-ground and small in-ground pools. The Speck A91-II provides the efficiency and self-priming capability of higher-end inground variable speed pumps down to the price level that makes sense for an above-ground pool. With 3 adjustable power levels, you can easily customize the flow rate of the Speck A91-II variable speed pump for maximum efficiency.

This Speck A91-II variable speed pump features a 1.1 total horsepower motor with variable power control so that you can optimize the flow rate to match the needs of your swimming pool, reducing energy consumption and operating costs. The Speck A91-II uses an axial flux permanent magnet motor, totally enclosed fan-cooled (TEFC) design, which also provides quiet operation.

The Speck A91-II VS speed pump also features a very simple digital control panel, allowing you to set a desired power level (watts) and run duration for each of its 3 programmable settings. This durable and reliable variable speed pump is designed for easy installation and is compatible with most aboveground pool types, making it a great choice for your pool maintenance needs. Save money and enjoy a more quiet outdoor environment with a Speck A91-II pump.


    Before installing the Speck A91-II, it is important to consider the following so you can be sure you’ve found the best Speck variable speed pump for your needs:

  • Compatibility: The Speck A91-II variable speed pump is able to connect to both 1.5" rigid and flex PVC pipe with its slip fittings, or 1.25"/1.5" hoses with its adaptor connections.
  • Electrical Requirements: The Speck A91-II variable speed pump dual voltage and automatically converts between 115/230V.
  • Placement: Choose a secure, level location for the pump, making sure to leave enough space for maintenance and service.
  • Ventilation: Ensure that where the pump is installed is not in an small insulated area or without ventilation so as to prevent overheating.
  • Professional Installation: The Speck A91-II variable speed pool pump can be installed by the pool owner without reducing or voiding the warranty. Ensure that a qualified individual installs the pump to ensure proper installation and compliance with local codes.
  • Operating Manual: Carefully read the operating manual before installation to ensure that you understand the features and capabilities of the pump.
  • Maintenance: While regular motor service is not required, regular maintenance is necessary to keep its strainer basket free of debris in order to keep the VSP’s flow rate running efficiently and to extend its lifespan.

  • By taking these factors into consideration, you can ensure a safe and successful installation of your Speck A91-II  Variable Speed Pump.

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Q: Can this pump be installed with any type of above ground pool?

Asked by: Douglas - 4/12/2023
A: This pump should work with virtually any type of permanently-installed above ground pool (that you don't put up / take down seasonally) and even small inground pools. It comes with unions for 1.5" pvc plumbing as well as unions for both 1.5" and 1.25" hoses.
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Answer provided by: Roger (4/12/2023)