Dive G1 Salt Pool System (Discontinued)
Dive G1 - Turbine-Powered Salt Chlorinator

Dive G1 Salt Pool System (Discontinued)

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Availability: Discontinued
Part Number: DIVE-G1
Retail Price:$1,459.00
You Save:$160.00(11%)
Self-Powered Saltwater Chlorinator
Power: 0.3 - 0.7 (Variable)
Manufacturer Warranty: 3/1 Years Limited*
Manufacturer Rated Lifespan: 10000 hours
Manufacturer Max Capacity: 12000* - 30000* gallons (See Manual)
Features Innovative Self-Powering Design

The Dive G1 is the only salt chlorination system that uses a turbine to generate power - that means no wires! The complete kit comes with everything you need to install it but a hacksaw to cut your PVC pipe.

Simply install the Dive salt cell (it's easy using the included cutting template), add the salt to your pool, then relax as the system generates free chlorine. You can also raise and lower its chlorine output and check its status from anywhere using the system's WiFi connection to the salt system's app on your cell phone.

The Dive salt chlorinator uses the world's most efficient miniature turbine to convert the water flow from your pool pump into electricity, which powers the conversion of salt in the pool into chlorine. Greater flow means greater chlorination power - but that doesn't mean you need to run your pump continuously to use the Dive chlorinator. The controls allow you to adjust the chlorine production levels up or down to suit your pool conditions.

Manufacturer Sizing Recommendations (based on turbine flow rate)

For pools with a minimum flow rate of 30 gallons per minute (1HP and smaller single-speed pumps)
- 12,000 gallon maximum pool size*

For pools with a minimum flow rate of 35 gallons per minute (most 1HP single-speed pumps)
- 20,000 gallon maximum pool size*

For pools with flow rates above 40 gallons per minute (1.5HP single-speed pumps and up)
- 30,000 gallon maximum pool size*

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