ControlOMatic - MegaChlor Pool and Swim Spa Chlorine Generator

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ControlOMatic - MegaChlor
Power: 0.24 lbs/day
Manufacturer Warranty: 1 Year Limited
Manufacturer Rated Lifespan: 7000 hours
Manufacturer Max Capacity: 12000 gallons
Installs in seconds! Easy to use controls.

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ControlOMatic MegaChlor salt systems are specifically designed to retrofit any brand of swim spa, above ground pool, or hot tub up to 12000 gallons. When using a smaller saltwater pool system isn't an option, the drape- over style MegaChlor chlorine generator is very easy to install and does not interfere with the current plumbing or electronics: simply add salt, place in the water, and turn it on. The unit plugs into a standard 110v GFCI outlet and installs in just minutes.

The advanced MegaChlor-CD includes patent pending chlorine detection technology which allows for automatic operation - no need to manually monitor and adjust your chlorine levels. Make your swim spa, pool, or hot tub sanitation effortless.

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