Clearwater PH-50, Residential Pool CO2 Injection for pH Control
PH-50 CO2 pH Control System (CO2 Tank not included)

Clearwater PH-50, Residential Pool CO2 Injection for pH Control

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Part Number: PH-50
Clearwater PH-50 Pool CO2 Injection for pH Control up to 50,000 gallons (CO2 tanks not included)

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3 Year Limited Warranty
50000 Gallons Max Capacity

The pH PURE system consists of a control box that controls the flow of CO2 from a tank that you'll installed next to your existing pool equipment. Trace amounts of safe and natural carbon dioxide are released into your pool’s water in time-controlled amounts throughout the day with our computerized control system. Taking care of your pool could never be easier! Adding CO2 to your water produces the same interaction that takes place when you add muriatic acid. Easy 30 minute installation with no electrical wiring required!

Please note that the CO2 tank(s) are not included and should be purchased or rented locally


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