Clearwater OZ-50, Pool Ozone System
Clearwater OZ-50, Pool Ozone System

Clearwater OZ-50, Pool Ozone System

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Part Number: OZ-50
Clearwater OZ-50, Residential Pool Ozone System up to 50,000 gallons
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1 Year Limited Warranty
50000 Gallons Max Capacity
OxoneMAX is an ultraviolet ozone system that when added to the pool, it can help you safely lower chlorine use up to 50%. When combined with out MineralPURE ionizer, these can reach as high as 95%. You will be amazed at the water clarity. The OzoneMAX unit includes a side stream venturi manifold that injects the ozone into the water. As ambient air enters the ozone generator, the venturi creates a suction-effect to pull air past the UV bulb, creating O3 – ozone. The ozone is then safely injected into the water flow and the “instant purification” takes place at that time. Within seconds, the ozone is dissipated by the time it returns to the pool.


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Q: How often should the ozone generator's hoses be replaced?

Asked by: Crystal - 4/24/2023
A: It is recommended that you replace the ozone hoses and check valves once a year.
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Answer provided by: Discount Salt Pool (4/24/2023)