Cleaning Stand (fits Pentair® IntelliChlor® Salt Systems)
Cleaning Stand (fits Pentair® IntelliChlor® Salt Systems)

Cleaning Stand (fits Pentair® IntelliChlor® Salt Systems)

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Cleaning Stand fitting Pentair IC Salt Cells
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Makes regular maintenance a breeze

Generic cleaning stand for Pentair Intellichlor salt systems, and makes the cleaning process quick and convenient whenever you need to remove mineral build up from your chlorine generator's salt cell. Includes o-ring to fully seal and cap one end of the electrolytic cell for cleaning. Simply fill the cell with cleaning solution, allow it to soak inside, then easily dispose of cleaning solution. This 100% compatible aftermarket PVC part is not manufactured by Pentair.

*Please note this product is not affiliated with Pentair PLC. The use of such trademarks herein is for informational purposes only, and the product(s) are not those of Pentair PLC, but rather are simply compatible with the referenced Pentair product.

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Q: How can I tell if y Pentair cell has gone bad? I am getting a small amount of algae.

Asked by: Walton T. Carter, Jr. - 1/26/2021
A: The basic things to check would be for your cell to be thoroughly cleaned, and that your pool salt level is independently tested to be in range. If that is all good and if you are still getting salt or cell warning lights, and if the cell is a few years old, that is often what it looks like when the cell is depleted.
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Answer provided by: James (1/26/2021)

Q: Is the cleaning stand for the I 60 salt generator?

Asked by: Teri Mayfield - 9/24/2022
A: This cleaning stand fits pentair intellichlor ic60s and all other model sizes.
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Answer provided by: Kim (9/28/2022)