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CircuPool RJ-16 PLUS Saltwater Chlorine Generator
CircuPool RJ16+ Saltwater Chlorinator System

CircuPool RJ-16 PLUS Saltwater Chlorine Generator

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CircuPool RJ-16 PLUS, Complete Salt Pool System with 7-Year Limited Warranty, for up to 16,000 gallon pools
Power: 0.7 lbs/day
Manufacturer Warranty: 7 Years Limited*
Manufacturer Rated Lifespan: 15000 hours
Manufacturer Max Capacity: 16000 gallons
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The CircuPool RJ16 PLUS electronic chlorine generator is an advanced, third-generation salt pool system. PLUS models have advanced Electrolytic Titanium cells with Rare-Earth Minerals for an extended lifespan cell (more than 50% longer than other major brands). The salt chlorinator works with existing pump and filtration systems to reliably supply the swimming pool with pure chlorine, every day. The CircuPool RJ-PLUS Series uses a low salt level and makes the pool water silky soft to provide the ultimate swimming experience. Max capacity: 16,000 gallons.

The complete CircuPool RJ-PLUS salt system has three main components: the Control Module, the Electrolytic Cell, and the Flow Switch, along with its miscellaneous hardware and documentation. CircuPool offers five different size models, RJ-16+ (16,000 gallons), RJ-20+ (20,000 gallons), RJ-30+ (30,000 gallons), RJ-45+ (45,000 gallons), and RJ-60+ (60,000 gallons).

The RJ PLUS-Series will replace Hayward Aqua Rite systems with no cutting or gluing, making it a snap to upgrade your salt pool system!

From CircuPool:

"The CircuPool RJ PLUS Series offers unparalleled longevity and reliability, using advanced electrolytic titanium cells to effortlessly and automatically maintain sparkling blue water for a luxurious swimming experience. The RJ PLUS features OLED digital controls, heavy-duty construction, and premium clear cell. The RJ-PLUS Series is backed with award-winning service and an industry-leading warranty"

  • USA Titanium Cell, with industry-best 7-Year Limited Warranty.
  • 3rd-Generation system, combining the best in advanced technology with a reliable and proven track record.
  • Cell has industry-leading lifespan, more than 50% longer than other major brands. Longer cell-life means even greater savings over the years.

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