CircuPool INDIGO3-S Ozone Generator for Swimming Pools
INDIGO3 Ozone Generator and assembled Venturi Manifold

CircuPool INDIGO3-S Ozone Generator for Swimming Pools

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Part Number: IO3-S
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Manufacturer Warranty: 3 Years Limited*
Manufacturer Rated Lifespan: 20000 hours
Manufacturer Max Capacity: Light-use residential pools

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The CircuPool INDIGO3 ozone generator will take your salt pool to the next level - get an extreme clean and high-definition water clarity. The INDIGO3 ozone generator kills 99.99% of viruses, parasites, bacteria - even chlorine-resistant pathogens - while greatly extending the lifespan of your salt pool system. The INDIGO3 ozone pool system makes it easy to have the safest, clearest, most pure pool water possible.

The CircuPool INDIGO3 ozone generator is built to last, and installation is simple - hang the ozone generator unit on the wall, plug it into a standard outlet or timer, and connect it to the plumbing manifold with the included tubing and quick-clamp connections.

From CircuPool:

INDIGO3 Ozone Generators allow you to:

  • Get the most complete spectrum of pool sanitation
    • Ozone quickly destroys dangerous organisms and pathogens, including many contaminants that are chlorine-resistant.
  • Get high-definition, crystal-clear water
    • Ozone acts as a flocculent that binds together the microparticles responsible for poor water clarity so that your existing filter can finally remove them.
  • Greatly extend the lifespan of your salt cell
    • Salt chlorination is a must in order to maintain protective residual sanitation in the pool, and ozone dramatically reduces your salt cell's workload.
  • Enhance the purity of your water
    • Ozone works together with your salt system to create an even more effective sanitizer (Hydroxls) - similar to technology used to make purified bottled water!

Note: Ball valve and Venturi flow chamber color may vary.

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