Beatbot A100 Pro - Cordless Robotic Cleaner & Skimmer For In-Ground Pools | Advanced Pool Navigation with Wifi
Beatbot A100 Pro - Cordless Robotic Cleaner & Skimmer For In-Ground Pools | Advanced Pool Navigation with Wifi

Beatbot A100 Pro - Cordless Robotic Cleaner & Skimmer For In-Ground Pools | Advanced Pool Navigation with Wifi

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The World's First 5-in-1 Intelligent Pool Cleaning Robot. Transform your pool maintenance with the Beatbot Pro, the latest in robotic cleaning technology. Designed for effortless operation, this state-of-the-art cleaner offers unparalleled cleaning capabilities, ensuring a spotless pool with minimal effort.
Best-In-Class Performance
100% Cordless, Battery Powered
2 Year Limited Warranty
Comprehensive Cleaning: Floor, Walls, Waterline, Surface
Hassle-free automatic cleaning

The Beatbot A100 Pro delivers full cleaning coverage with its sophisticated 5-in-1 capability, expertly handling floors, walls, the waterline, and even the water's surface, alongside enhancing water clarity. Equipped with 20 advanced sensors and 9 powerful motors, this robotic cleaner adapts seamlessly to any pool environment, ensuring every nook is impeccably cleaned. Its four active brushes vigorously tackle dirt, while two capacious filters capture debris, maintaining crystal-clear pool water.

Complete control over the cleaning process is at your fingertips with the Beatbot app, which offers five customizable cleaning modes to suit various needs and preferences. The A100 Pro's reliable performance is further underscored by an impressive continuous runtime of up to 9.5 hours, making it a paragon of endurance and efficiency in pool cleaning technology.

    A100 Pro Features:
  • Advanced Navigation System: Ensures complete coverage of your pool's floor, walls, and waterline. Best Intelligent Path Optimization Powered by Quad-Core 1.8GHz Processor.
  • Industry-exclusive Smart Return and Surface Parking for Ultimate Convenience.
  • Powerful Motors: Equipped with high-performance motors for superior suction and cleaning.
  • Long-Lasting Battery: Provides extended cleaning cycles on a single charge.
  • Wireless Connectivity: Offers remote operation through a user-friendly mobile app
  • Superior Cleaning Efficiency and Coverage with 2x2 Independent Roller Brushes.

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Mapping, skimming, long charge
It has everything. I'm blown away that it maps the pool in the app, and you can tell how efficiently it covers the whole pool area by just watching it for 1 minute, it's like someone is driving it. Plus it can skim the surface??? It lasts a week for me so I charge it on the weekend. Worth every penny.
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Reviewed by:  from CA on 5/10/2024
Best cleaner I've used, makes the others look like toys
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Reviewed by:  from Orlando on 5/2/2024
Very nice!
The Beatbot Aquasense Pro Cordless Pool Cleaner Robot is like having a magical pool-cleaning genie! Not only does it clean the bottom and the walls but it also gets all the debris on the surface of the water! This vacuum has a specific cleaning pattern making sure it doesn’t leave anything behind. Since this is cordless it does need to be charged every couple days or so depending on how big your pool is. Another cool feature about this vacuum is that once it’s done cleaning it will automatically float to the top so it makes it easier for you to take it out and charge. I was really excited to try this out because it is the first of its kind and it did not disappoint.
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Reviewed by:  (Verified Buyer)  from the United States on 5/18/2024
This thing works great. It's easy to set up, connect to the app, and your phone. The vacuum cleans the bottom and climbs the sides with no problem, and also filters the top of the water. It’s way easier than a robot with cords, it’s definitely the way to go. You can clearly see the clean path where the robot has been. Performance is great, weight is manageable, and it is easy to use. The amount of time it saves in manual labor is worth every penny.
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Reviewed by:  (Verified Buyer)  from the United States on 5/16/2024
Powerful pool robot
I've owned a number of pool robots in the past and while they all worked to varying degrees, they didn't exactly leave the pool perfectly clean. This one does better than any of the others. This is probably due to various factors, but my guess is that the most important one is the AI processor that actually learns your pool and over time calculates the most efficient way to clean it. This is the only pool robot that has this feature that I'm aware of and it really does make a big difference. This one will also clean a long time on a charge...9.5 hours on the surface and 5 hours underwater. It'll clean a pool with an area equivalent to 33' wide x 100' long...that's a big pool. My favorite convenience feature of this pool robot is how it senses when the battery is about to run out and surfaces so you don't have to go diving for it. This is particularly appreciated when the weather is cold and you don't want to go for a swim just to get the pool robot. The appearance and build quality on the Aquasense Pro are top notch and it looks great sitting near the pool charging. It also looks pretty cool while doing its cleaning on the surface and underwater. It's fairly sizable with dimensions of about 22 x 18 x 15 so it's not hard to see in the pool. You can kick back and have a drink and watch the pool robot clean the pool instead of you!
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Reviewed by:  (Verified Buyer)  from the United States on 5/16/2024
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Questions From Customers

Q: What pool environment do you need to maintain for the Beatbot Pro cordless pool robotic cleaner? 1.) PH range 2.) chlorine maximum 3.) NaCI maximum And any other chemical guidelines Thank you

Asked by: MB - 5/31/2024
A: The Beatbot documentation lists ideal water conditions as: a pH range of 7.0-7.8, max 4ppm chlorine, temperature 42.8-95F, and max 5000ppm salinity.
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Answer provided by: Discount Salt Pool (6/4/2024)
A: You would want the standard targets if 7.5 pH, 3000-4000 ppm sanity, and 1-3ppm free chlorine. I'm sure it can be fine for periods outside of that, but those are the standards.
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Answer provided by: Robert (5/31/2024)

Q: I have a handrail that is anchored to pool floor next to shallow end steps that my current cleaner gets stuck in because it doesn’t back up far enough. Will this cleaner back up and go around this area without getting stuck?

Asked by: M B Hendrick - 6/4/2024
A: With any robotic cleaner, its hard to say exactly what it will precisely do in one particular situation. However, the Beatbot has "SonicSense obstacle avoidance" to detect what is around it, and its mapping system also optimizes the route it should take based on your pool's layout.
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Answer provided by: Discount Salt Pool (6/4/2024)
  • Robot Type: Cordless
  • Cleaning Coverage Areas: Water Surface, floor, walls, waterline
  • In-Box Content: Robotic pool cleaner, charging dock, hook, quick start guide, user manual
  • Pool Type: Suitable for above-ground & in-ground pools
  • Pool Shape: All shapes, such as rectangular, round, kidney, and freeform
  • Recommended Pool Size: Up to 300 square meters (3,229 square feet) bottom area
  • Pool Materials: All materials including concrete, ceramic tiles, vinyl, and fiberglass
  • Hardware Components: Quad-core Cortex-A7 industrial-grade CPU&MUC, DDR RAM, flash storage, and 20 smart sensors (including dual gyroscopes and dual ultrasonic AI sensors)
  • Operating System: Beatbot OS
  • Connectivity: Wifi connection
  • Intelligent Navigation: SonicSense™ Ultrasonic AI Pool Mapping and Obstacle Avoidance CleverNav™ Smart Navigation System for optimized path planning
  • Cleaning Patterns: Pool floor and surface: S-shaped pattern; Pool walls and waterline: N-shaped pattern
  • Cleaning Modes: 5 Modes; Quick mode: floor (1 time) and waterline; Standard mode: floor, walls, and waterline (1 time); Pro mode: floor, walls, waterline and surface (1 time); ECO mode: cleans the floor every other day (1 time); Custom mode (OTA)
  • Automatic Parking: Yes, on the Water Surface
  • Automatic Water Release: SmartDrain™ advanced submarine-inspired automatic water release
  • Water Clarification: Yes, ClearWater™ Clarifying Technology
  • Motors: NonaDrive™ 9-Motor System
  • Brushes: DuoSpeedFlex™ Dual-Group Roller Brush System with differential speed (Front and rear: 2 x 2 sets)
  • Number of Suction Ports: 2 ports (Front and Bottom)
  • Suction (GPH): 5500 GPH
  • Filters Material: Polyester
  • Filters Access: Top access
  • Filters Number: 2 (one larger & one thinner)
  • Filters Density: 250 µm +150 µm
  • Filter Baskets Capacity: 3.7L
  • Battery Capacity & Type: 10,400 mAh Lithium Ion
  • Easy to Charge (Charging Method): Dock Charging Station
  • Control Buttons: 1 power switch key + 4 mode keys
  • Overall Robot Weight: 11kg
  • Robot Dimensions: 451 (L) mm x 403 (W) mm x 263 (H) mm; 1.48 (L) ft x 1.32 (W) ft x 0.86 (H) ft
  • Waterproof Protection: IP68 (robot), IPX4 (charging dock)
  • Water depth range: 0.5 m to 3 m (1.64 ft to 9.84 ft)
  • Warranty Period: 2 years
  • OTA performance updates: Yes

The Beatbot A100 Pro affords its users unparalleled mastery over pool cleaning with its user-centric control system. Via the intuitive Beatbot app, pool owners can command their cleaning experience with a touch, choosing from five tailored cleaning modes to meet the specific demands of their pool. Whether it's a routine cleanup or a targeted session, the app enables seamless scheduling and real-time tracking of the cleaner's performance. The A100 Pro is also designed for direct interaction, featuring easily accessible manual control buttons that allow for quick adjustments and immediate start-stop functionality, embodying a blend of smart technology and practical design.

The A100 Pro comes well-appointed with an array of sophisticated components designed to ensure a superior clean. The cleaner includes four vigorous brushes that scrub away stubborn dirt and algae, and it houses two high-capacity filters designed to capture a broad range of debris, from fine particles to larger leaves. This comprehensive setup is enhanced by the convenience of a smart charging dock, enabling easy power management and ensuring the A100 Pro is always ready for its next cleaning mission.

A100 Pro comes with a 2-year comprehensive warranty, covering all parts and labor.