Autopilot Tri-Sensor Assembley with 12' Cord

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Autopilot Trisensor Assembley with 12' Cord
Easily replaces old or damaged Tri-Sensor in minutes
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The Autopilot Pool Pilot TriSensor is the inline device that detects water flow, temperature, and the water's salinity level. The TriSensor installs This sensor is compatible with the AutoPilot Pool Pilot Digital, AutoPilot Pool Pilot Digital Total Control , AutoPilot Pool Pilot Soft Touch, AutoPilot Pool Pilot Digital Nano, AutoPilot Pool Pilot Digital Nano Plus, and AutoPilot Pool Pilot Cubby Digital systems.

The APA003 Tri Sensor also replaces AutoPilot sensors with part numbers 909-GO1.5 & 956-1.

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