AutoPilot ChlorSync CS40 Electronic Chlorine Generator
ChlorSync CS40 Saltwater Chlorinator System

AutoPilot ChlorSync CS40 Electronic Chlorine Generator

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AutoPilot ChlorSync CS40 Complete Salt Pool System with 3-Year Warranty, for up to 40,000 gallon pools

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Power: 1.5 lbs/day
3 Year Warranty
Optional PoolSync wifi
40000 Gallons Max Capacity

The AutoPilot ChlorSync with CS40 salt cell is technologically advanced. It controls feature a LCD display, that lets you view current pool water temperature and salt level (and see how much salt to add when needed with PoolSync add-on), chlorine production level, and allows a 24-hour boost cycle. The ChlorSync's Tri-sensor ensures proper flow, temperature, and salinity levels and has patented temperature compensation. ChlorSync cells are the same length and threads as Pentair® IntelliChlor® cells, allowing for easy retrofit installations without requiring plumbing. Optional PoolSync add-on mounts near pool equipment and allows connection to available wifi for remote operation. Its streamlined design allows for simple installation and service. For pools up to 40,000 gallons maximum.

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