3 Common Myths About Salt Pools

Salt water pools have gained so much popularity in the past 20 years. A "salt pool" simply means a pool that uses a salt chlorine generator instead of traditional chlorine chemical maintenance. In fact, as of 2016 saltwater pools comprised the vast majority of new pools, and have become the standard for sanitizing pools all over the country.. simply because it’s 100% effective, its safe, and its easy to convert.  However, there are still a few misconceptions "lurking in the deep end".  Lets take a look.

Myth number 1: Salt pools are so salty!

It couldn't be less true. The low salinity level in a pool is just above what is technically considered freshwater, not even comparable to the ocean, and most people wont even be able to taste the salt in the pool.  

Myth number 2: Salt systems will ruin your pool!

Um NO. This is simply not true. The very low salinity levels don’t corrode pool-grade materials or equipment. Seeing how wide-spread and popular salt pools are, it shouldn’t be a surprise that this is simply a myth.

Myth number 3: Salt pools are more expensive!

Ok, this will make any salt pool owner laugh.  A salt system generates chlorine at a fraction of the cost of manually buying and adding chlorine & shock. In the long run, salt chlorination is able to provide as much as 50% savings over traditional chlorinatoin.


As you can see, "salt pools" are clearly superior to traditional chlorine pools and will leave you with not only more money in your pocket but more time available to enjoy your pool all season long.

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Converting your pool to salt just means adding a chlorine generator! Use our intelligent product recommendation system to see what the best choices for you might be.
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Yogesh Patel

Date 4/28/2022

I have a brand new pool being installed and I went with 400,000 BTU gas heater to have a heated pool. This is a clorine pool but I really want salt water pool. I was told by the sales agent that it's not a good idea to go with heated salt water pool. Is this true or should I go with salt water pool? I have 3 days to let them know. I really appreciate your help. I live in Trenton, New Jersey. 08619 zip code.

DSP Staff

Date 4/29/2022

Yogesh, I would say a very large percentage of people with salt pool systems have heaters. Take a look at the manual for your specific chosen heater model to double check that there is not something particular about it, but that is certainly a common thing. For more assistance, give us a call at 866-766-5243

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