3 Ways to Modernize Your Swimming Pool Equipment

Is there anything better than a salt pool system?

Once you've upgraded the pool to a salt chlorinator system, you might wonder why anyone goes through all the work and expense of using traditional chlorination. The benefits of not having to buy, handle, and deal with the hassles of maintaining chlorine are pretty big, but believe it or not things can get even better. Salt chlorinators have been around for awhile, but you might not realize pool equipment technology has changed pretty dramatically in the last few years. So we've put together a list of 3 products you can add to your pool system which are innovative upgrades that also happen to be very simple & effective.

These upgrades can really revolutionize the way you deal with (or don't have to deal with) your pool. This product guide will show you how you can easily use the latest technology to keep remarkably picture-perfect pool water and minimize the need for water chemical balancing and maintenance.

1) pH Control System

Are you using a pH Control System yet? Did you know that you could manage your pH automatically? Your pool’s pH is critical, and there’s technology that will let you effortlessly control it! Most people don’t realize that so many pool problems are tied to pH. It has to stay balanced – not too acidic, not too alkaline. It can affect almost everything – causing damage to your pool, affecting swimmer comfort, and require more and more chemicals to be added if it gets out of whack. Most people constantly fight this and end up having to continually be dumping acid into the pool. Acid is nasty stuff, and this battle gets old really quickly. So on that note - not only can a pH balancer maintain perfect pH for you, there are models that can do so WITHOUT requiring any more acid. The modern way to control your pH is through CO2 injection! That is a win-win: your pH always stays just right AND you keep it balanced safely and naturally. If your looking for more info on this, click for more info below.

2) Ozone Generator

Using an Ozone Generator is a really advanced way to take your pool’s water quality to the next level. Using ozone to help clean your pool water does two things. First, it really boosts your water clarity so that it high-definition crystal clear all the way to the bottom. Second, it is a really effective way to supplement your pool sanitation. Ozone is a powerful and fast-acting sanitizer that destroys hard-to-kill microorganisms like viruses, bacteria, and parasites. Even better, it leaves no residual behind – just purified water. It only operates when your pump is running; during that time it is performing a large part of the pool's sanitation needs - this ultimately means that an ozone generator helps extend the lifespan of your salt chlorine generator since it won't have to work as hard every day. If you want a pristine, natural swimming experience, then you’re going to want to add an ozone generator to your salt pool. Take a look at some of the models below. If you were amazed at how nice the water was after adding a salt chlorinator, an ozone generator is one of the few things that can make an even bigger tangible improvement.

3) Cyclonic Pre-Filter

This is a brilliantly simple upgrade for your pool and it is typically an easy add-on for your existing filter system. It boosts your swimming pool’s filtration capacity and dramatically cuts down on the maintenance required – that means filter hassles become a rare event. It does this by capturing most of dirt and gunk that normally clogs up your filter, just by spinning the water around as it passes through it. There are no moving parts or media to replace. You can see the dirt it captures in its clear sediment chamber, and it cleans out in moments using only 4 gallons of water by just turning its purge valve (a huge benefit for sand filter owners). So if you value your time and want to reduce that maintenance schedule and save a lot of water, a cyclonic prefilter is a wise investment.

Don't already have a salt pool?

Converting your pool to salt just means adding a chlorine generator! Use our intelligent product recommendation system to see what the best choices for you might be.
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Date 7/23/2022

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